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Below are two examples of how to tie a turban (using the “Starter Turbans” from our Marketplace)

The male model is using “rubia” fabric and the female model is using “American Cotton” fabric.

Our American Cotton Turban = 3.5 Yards in Length and approximately 19″ in width. (medium fine weave)
Our Rubia (Indian Cotton Turban) = 3.5 Yards in length and approximately 22″ in width (fine weave)

Both fabrics are widely used in American Sikh communities.  They are ideal to wear after the fabric has been washed.

A traditional Indian men’s turban is approximately 7 yards/meters or longer and around 44″ wide or wider.
A traditional women’s turban may require between 5 and 7 yards of fabric. but only half the with of a man’s turban fabric.
A lot of women prefer American Cotton to Rubia, as it tends to be a little less slippery.

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If you are interested in purchasing a Full Turban, please go to our “School Turban” product page.

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Example #1



Example #2


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