Adjusting the Frequency of Your Mind

…. The frequency of the mind is there, my mind, your mind, and our mind, there are three minds right there in the universe, my mind, your mind, and our mind, and then there is a master mind, it all is a part of that huge mind and if your mind does not tap into the master mind I mind, my mind, your mind, our mind will always be in a conflict, there will be no understanding. You have to have a mind which should take overall picture, overall view and science will find it out in couple of thousand years from now that even the atom, proton and neutron whatever you call them three parts has also multi parts to it. So, it comes to a point where in your little psyche a combination of existence happens.There is nothing which you cannot do, take it for granted and everything which comes in your way has come in your way to get it done, that is granted. It is a question of whether your frequency adjust to itself or not, there is a radio and waves are going through on different number 105, 107, different stations and different line, there is no problem with the radio station, radio station is giving the signals and radios are receiving the signals. If the receptive radio is not tuned in to the same frequency that of the signal radio, signal station, you will not hear and sometime even though you are at the right angle you will see the buzz, it is buzz of your life which is your pain, your pain is not you, pain is not your environments, pain is not your richness and poverty, pain is not your faculty of life, pain is not your ego, pain is not your appreciation or your depreciation, pain is not your insult and your prays, pain is that buzz in your life and that buzz is when the frequency is not harmoniously received or projected, you know what that means, you get insecure. Wherever there is a I, you substitute thou you will get out of pain in seconds because thou means infinity, thou mean in vastness, thou means in grace, thou means is a greatness, wherever there is I you have to explain yourself the very fact of yourself.Now you have to live in this life constant pressure, constant pressure, I can’t, I don’t want, this, this, constant pressure there is a hunger….

‘Sou Siyad Pa Lakvith Ek Na Chalaie Na’

Hundred thousand wisdom will not go with you because…

‘Bokiya Bukana Uttarijie Varna Puriya Bahar’

Hunger and hundred thousand hungers you can try to satisfy them they cannot be satisfied. You don’t need food, you need satisfaction. You don’t need lot of wealth, you need fulfillment. You don’t want to be great, you want to experience gratefulness. Your, your whole concept of life as a human is wrong education. What you want is not what you need. Suppose you have thirty-six dishes, sumptuous meal and you eat it, you can’t digest it, what is the idea of eating it. Suppose you digest it, then it creates a powerful wind and powerful digestive system lock and you end up in a hospital. Sometime it is so tragic that we want what we want, without understanding do we need it or whatever needs are, what is the real of it.

‘Roti Mariae Kaat Dee Laie Maraie Bhook Jinna Kadiya Jopdiya Kanaie Sangaie Dukh’

That is a Kabir Shabad. My bread is like wood, Kaat Di wood, Kaat Di Roti, in our villages ‘Kaat Di Roti’ is a very known formula because when you take this bread you can go two months, what it can go wrong with it, it is all solidified wood like solid stuff, nothing will touch it. It is hard so much that you have to really take a hammer to break it. When you eat it you break it really with a lot of strength.

‘Roti Marie (?) Kaat Di Roti Kinnao Kindaie Daie Kaat Thaie Kaat Daie Roti Naie, Laie Mariae Bhook Jinna Kadaiya Jopdiya Kanaie Sangaie Dukh’

This Roti of mine, this bread of mine is that like a wood piece, it takes away my hunger away.

‘Jinna Kadaiya Jopdiya’

‘Those who have got all the ghee, the Prantha’

‘Kanaie Sangaie Dukh’

‘They will suffer lot of trouble’

Because, if you have that Kaat Ki Roti and you chew your teeth will never go wrong, your gums will never go wrong, you will have ton of saliva and it is the sweetest bread, I tell you, the sweetness of it is better than any fruit and sugar ever you can eat plus it is very energetic, plus people don’t suffer with it. What you need? Do you need food for health or you need food for taste? Do you need life to be peaceful, do you need life to be complicated? Do you need in your life tranquility or do you need in your life storm? Are you willing to face? Now when you are young person your blood is hot, you don’t care, but when you reach some status of life you may not care but it is there, one is you may not care, the other is it is there and then you reach a stage of life when everything is rare.

That day doctor was telling me you should start walking.

I said, “I just walk ten, fifteen minutes and that too on one spot and I am trying to stimulate myself.”

And I remember up to quite a age twenty-seven, twenty-eight I never missed a one track event where I didn’t win a trophy and I used to run like one-ten, two-twenty, four-forty eight-eighty, one mile relay race, name a thing, one, two, three, four, five, six, all the way, same body, same person, now they don’t ask me run, they say walk and I say, I am walking on one spot just to stimulate myself, what happens? Have you any idea?

Life enters fast. Now all of you go to office in a car, come back in a car, walk from one door to another door that is the end of it, you have totally comfort yourself with all elements of life and that is our nature. But do we have anything left called challenge?

Everybody now in the planet knows that if you take in the morning a very powerful long cold shower you can still recuperate health, why? It is a very simple scientifical thing, when you put when you put cold water under the skin there are antennas which tell the blood to come and circulate and save the, save the death, cold means death, cold means death. So when you fight that death for say ten, fifteen minutes everyday, where can be a death. For ten, fifteen minutes your psyche, your determination, your mind within your own body fights death, go under the cold shower just in the morning first time, see how beautiful it is, wow, you look Ohhh, it is, it is such a shock to you, you don’t want any part of it, do you, on any part of it and then you massage and jump like a monkey and you say Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, or Sat Nam, Allah Hoo, Allah Hoo, whatever you call it, doesn’t matter, at that time you are totally one tune in God and what you want? You want to get out of it fast, quick, but you are determined, you say no, I got to fight, I got to win and finally it comes a stage when it is not cold. You know what that means, the death is not death anymore.

Kar Ishnam Simar Prabh Aapna Maan Tan Bhai Aroga’

If you do ambrosial hour Shnan, a good deep cold water bath….

‘Simar Prabh Aapna’

‘Meditate on your God’

Maan Tan Bhai Aroga’

‘Your mind and body will become free of discomfort’

Why? What is a prayer, what is a Simran? Simran means you sit down and you expand yourself, that is the only way to expand yourself, it is not that you are talking about God, it is you are becoming God, you are expanding yourself in that prayer, you are not thinking of little mundane things, you are not insecure, you are not right there, who is eating, who is sitting, who is, who is, your are just talking of infinity and few minutes of your relationship with infinity makes you infinity. As few minutes of fighting the death make you absolutely healthy, few minutes of relating to infinity makes you, takes you out of the small, defined cage of your life.

Today is a valentine day, it has a lot of story but it is a day of love. Somebody became a saint, and love was infinite and we send each other card be my valentine, I am your valentine, we are the valentine, why can’t we not be everyday a valentine of each other? Why do not we have fix a frequency, why not? We are actually valentine of each other. We have a vigor, we have a valor, and we have a virtue of life, there is no need that we should not be valentine, but you know your ego cannot be satisfied. More you get, more you want and you are always insecure, you are always insecure of loss, you are never happy about gain, because you hide it, you don’t want anybody to know you are gain except you have to show, that is also a loss because there is no fulfillment in gain and there is no fulfillment in that loss.

I asked once a gentleman, he was friend of mine, he was a congressman for so many years, every two years he was fighting for the congress seat.

I told him, I said, “What you get out of it?”

He said, “Thank God I win every time, I don’t know what I get out of it but maybe I will not be anymore a dog.”

Can you believe a congressman you think is so great in his constituency two years, every two years, one year he get elected, another year he start preparing himself collecting money, going to people, doing this, it is such a rat race and it is a so perfect that he has to talk to everybody pleasing, everybody pleasing and that is the faculty of the leader. Not to say what he has to say to say what everybody wants to hear and I told him, you have become psychic.

He said, “If I am not that psychic, all I have to say one bad sentence I lose the person forever.”

So his total situation is to gain, and gain, and gain, and gain, never knew what for. Finally, every two years he used to get married also because no wife could have lived with this kind of a man and he never married a woman who could have been a humble, sweet, good woman, he married always a woman of status, so why status woman get married and who has her own status, he has own status. So every two years I attend his election and fund collection and also go to his marriage. Finally, once he got married to a young girl who came there in that election to help him. And next year there was no collection of funds, no election.

I asked him, I said, “What happened?”

He said, “Now, I have realized, I have to live without fear, without pleasing, neither myself nor my environments and not my world which I know.”

I said, “What you are going to do?”

He said, “I am just going to be as humble, now I said, I realized you always write me a letter humbly yours, I never understood how in America this man can write humbly yours, what humbly means?”

And he said, “Now I realized that one word humbly, I am going to live humbly.”

I said, “Do you understand how difficult is to live humbly?”

He said, “Yes.”

He said, “But you do not want to tell me the other thing, when you are humble and God’s greatness come through you, there is no other way.”

If the pipe is a rod nothing will pass through it, if pipe is a rod nothing will pass through it. If man is not humble grace of God shall never pass through it. These are certain principles of the psyche and psychosomatic through which this life goes through.

We normally fight because we judge each other, we are angry at each other, we need, we want, we want to pressurize everybody to our feeling and our suiting and therefore it’s like a toothache. We all the time drilling holes and all the time getting into cavities of each other, we don’t live in peace and tranquility, we are like dentists. We don’t believe the life has its own purpose. We have our own proposal, our own agenda, my agenda, your agenda, our agenda, their agenda, whose agenda is whose agenda… Always we are questioning, questioning, questioning, we do not believe that God Almighty has a plan, God has a agenda too. You are not the only agenda, you are not the only person, and it is, it takes only one act, it takes only one act that you are elevated, it takes only one act that you are ruined forever.

Gangu, was a Pundit, he was the cook of Guru Gobind Singh’s kitchen. He took two children of his for protection, all went well. And finally when there was a reward he was the one who went and catch the reward and surrender, even today he is abused because he betrayed the confidence, he was cruel to the innocent, he sold out his soul and consciousness, he could… if every woman today same way consciously feel her husband is a God, and every man feels that his wife is a goddess, where you are going to fight and what for. He couldn’t give, Gangu couldn’t give the width to his mind at that time that they are Guru Gobind Singh’s children, if I will protect them in history I will be exalted, but just for few silver pieces he sold his consciousness, he sold his soul.

And Nawaba Marava Kotala, a Muslim when the children were all bricked alive and dead, the bodies were there left, and he said, “I want to do last rite.”

So this Nawab of Sindh said, “Oh you pay for it, how much space you want?”

He said, “As much space is I will fill it with gold coins.”

It is a history today, history records it, recommends it. Your one time when you are insulted and you rise above it, action and reaction are equal and opposite. Action has a reaction equal and opposite, you can never get out of it, it is the resurrection where you become divine. Divinity is in case of duality when…. Status, what is this, what status, when you are challenged as Siri Singh Sahib you are challenged and insulted and you are tortured, then you are put to every harm, at that time can you remain Siri Singh Sahib? It is not a person, it is not a personality, it is that time do you serve your status? And is your state of mind there with you, if you have your mind with you and is your mind then you will not mind anything, then you will be just you. When you cannot serve…. your mind is not with you, you cannot serve anything, you will act and react, and act and react and that is pain.

There is a story somebody came to Mahatma Buddha and he brought him lot of fruits. Then he sat down and abused him because that was his way to get entry, so he brought very rich presents and he sat down and he abused him. Mahatma Buddha remained silent, in the end Mahatma Buddha said, “I bless you, kindly take this back.”

He said, “These fruits are for you.”

He said, “So those abuses, I am returning the fruit and I am returning your abuses with you, neither I am accepting your fruit, nor I am accepting your abuse.”

This is not that what somebody says to you, it is something you accept it or not. Somebody come at your door and starts knocking, it is up to you, you allow or you disallow. If you want to not open the window of your mind and you want to peep through it to see whether it is right or wrong then you are a conscious person, otherwise… Have you seen one day, when staff comes and your door opens and shuts, and doors opens and shuts, how terrible it looks, is it not that all you? You act and react and react and act to everything. Let us see we can get out of this stage today, right.

Hold your heart, hands like heart, see my, my posture, that is a posture, right like this somebody people say, it is like a lamp but it is they call it heart posture, it is just like all fingers together and these thumb together, and there is like a flame in-between, try to see how you, how powerful your, how subtle it is that you may not appeal it but how your electromagnetic field works. And now please close your eyes and close them deep down and focus them at your chin, from closed eyes. And now let us chant.

Today is a birthday and Valentines Day, what a stealing thing to born on a valentine day, its Sampuran’s birthday, Sampuran means perfect, right. So, funny that may look but let us chant one chant, and everybody has to chant and everybody has to listen to the chant, whatever you are going to say you are going to listen to it, try, try this and see how this,

‘Naad Bood, Aad Naad.’

How it works, is a science and I want to tell you how it works and it’s in English, we are the people, people of love, let us people love today, go ahead.

Student: Chanting “We are the people, people of love, let us people love today, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru….”

YB and Student: Chanting “Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru…..”

YB: Keep up.

Side – B

(Continuing the chanting of “We are the people, people of love, let us people love today, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru….”)

YB: Don’t sleep, wake up, wake up.

One more minute, keep up. Inhale deep, deep and press your hands hard, as hard you can, harder, harder, harder, exhale. Inhale again, deep and press and squeeze, press and squeeze, let it go. Inhale deep, press hard, squeeze, let it go, relax.

You know you were almost sleepy, you know what that does? That is the Vayu, the prana in-between the two hands and you can do this meditation fixing your eyes from the closed eyes into the center of the chin and you can sing it for thirty-one minutes, you shall have an experience which nothing on the planet can give it to you, isn’t amazing, isn’t amazing?

Student: Yes sir.

YB: You know you start saying Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Wahe Guru…. You know what happens at that time? This is how, this is how we can break the fatigue, this is how we can break everything in us, this is how we can break that death in us, stimulate in self into a different dimension and that’s what I am going to do with you.

But right now there is a very wonderful thing you have to have this is.. hey, get up, read this valentine message, you have eyeglasses. So you don’t have the glass, come on then, then what is wrong? Chal, Chal, read.

Student: For my dear ones on Valentine’s Day, love has two polarities-conditional and unconditional. Conditional love has expectations which give us pain and joy. Unconditional love gives us ecstasy, self-fulfillment, self-respect, self-esteem and a knowledge of our higher selves. Valentine’s day is a day of love, true and simple. Unconditional love is a power of the day. Love creates us bountiful, beautiful, and blissful tomorrows and this is God in us. May we go from this years’ Valentine’s Day to next with the grace to make our every action conscious, intelligent positive. And may we keep a love in our hearts for all, for if we cannot see God in all, we cannot see God at all, happy valentines day.

YB: Now give it to her.

Student: Dear sir, if you would appreciate the humor in itself. Try requesting a study to regulate the hunting and harvesting of attorneys.

(Student: Laughter.)

Student: Whereas it is necessary for the public peace, health, wealth and welfare that a study be conducted to protect a dying breed, honest attorneys. Now therefore we have resolved by the legislature of the state of New Mexico that respectfully requests the department of game and Fest to conduct a brief study that includes that is not limited to the following proposed regulations for the hunting and harvesting of attorneys.

If, if any attorney is accidentally struck by a motor vehicle the dead attorney should be moved to the road side within seven working days to prevent further damage to other vehicles. The motor vehicle that struck the attorney should immediately be taken to the nearest car wash and run (?). The given one should be notified as to location of the body as vultures will not clean up the remains of their own kind.

2. Two, two phase (?).

3. Back stabbing (?).

And be at further and for the unlikely survival are is in dangerous specious epic-entities that the steady take place immediately.

(Student: Laughter.)

YB: Okay, don’t you wait, wait, wait, wait.

(Student: Laughter.)

YB: There are some this one.

Student: Fountain cookies offered after class with love from a Khalsa security and GRD clinic.

YB: Please serve. These cookies are very good, they are right here.

(Student: Laughter.)

YB: Cute. What is on the top of the…..

Student: Raspberry and chocolate.

YB: Who made them?

Student: (—-).

YB: Three cheers for (?) it’s very good. They are dietary because they are very skinny.

(Student: Laughter.)

Student: (—).

YB: The whole universe is from sound and creative sound is called Naad. It affects the reflexes, re-flexes. Hey dear, Naad and its effect on the reflexes.

Somebody really made a good New Mexico case.

There is a new tape today, have you played a new tape. Which tape we should play today?

Student: (—).

YB: Any tape we have Jai Jai Jataran on Jai Jai Jataran.

Student: (—).

YB: Right now, little water, four, five times, that’s it.

Lecture ©1994 – The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings®

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