Why do Sikhs Keep Their Hair?

sikh hair

SS Shanti Kaur Khalsa explains why Sikhs don’t cut their hair. Cutting the hair is one of the “rehits”, meaning Guru Gobind Singh commanded that Sikhs shouldn’t do it. The hair (kesh) is also one of the 5 k’s. The hair channels spiritual energy in action, which helps people in the householder lifestyle. There are also traditions where people shave their heads completely. This makes the spiritual energy go internally.

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  1. Rajinder Singh says:

    The hair, on our body, wherever it is, long or short, is the design of the nature.
    It has nothing to do with any religion or spirituality
    Cutting of hair means damaging your body.
    When we cut our hair, our body turns into a healing mode. The hair starts growing to achieve its desired length according to different bodies. People who cut their hair, regularly, are actually growing their hair continuously till they die. When you do not cut your hair, it will stop growing after achieving its desired length. It does not grow continuously.
    The hair on your body which has been cut, grows at the speed of six inches in a year.
    So, the person who has been cutting his hairs for forty years. Has actually grown 240 inches (12 feet) long hair during his lifetime.
    And during this process of growing back of hair, many essential nutrients are absorbed by the body to grow the hair back to its original length.
    Our Gurus did not want their Sikhs to grow hair continuously in their complete life.
    From birth, my hair grew to the length of two feet, till the age of eight. And then it stopped growing.
    My age is now fifty-two and the length of my hair on my head is still two feet long.
    Never cut it.

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