The Word of Nanak


The Siri Singh Sahib gave this lecture in Los Angeles on November 16, 1986.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa.”

Students: “Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”

YB: It’s a great pleasure to hear your own poem sometime translated but I wish you should hear them in the original Gurmukhi, they are not in Punjabi, I like to amend that, it’s a Gurmukhi of Guru Nanak in which these hundred and eight poems were written, they are yours now. The idea to write these poems was not whether you will read it or not, idea is to leave the knowledge to our children and great grandchildren the knowledge which otherwise would be lost. Precisely I am medically not supposed to go over few minutes and I have been very specially advised but today is Guru Nanak day and I want to share something. I know moment my body will fall apart there are lot things for which stupidly I have not shared with you, shall go with me.

So in between that race of death and life, I’ll like to do certain things now but it is a cripple race. I have been crippled by the will of God, I understand it but there was much to be done and much should have been done but somehow I had a feeling that some of you will rise, pickup the statue, pickup the tabs, pickup the flag and carry it on. That’s word keep up means, that’s word Cherdi Kala means and there is a saying very easy Cherdi Kala you should be up and up, right and then the question comes, what do you mean by up and up, I am down, money is not there, I am poor, I am tying turban and going, my girlfriend doesn’t like me, I went… You know all these worldly stuff is there, then it’s not magnetic, what are you talking about?

Now understand Sikh religion on Nanak’s day, Nanak means practically when there is no, no. A man should be accomplished enough that he has to say no for nothing. The very literary meaning of Na-nak, there are lot of discussion, I was Na-nak means one who has no nak because man always protects his neck by nature, my ego, nak represents ego and one who doesn’t represent ego is God. So basically Nanak is God in that situation but we are going to the very literally meaning, Nanak where there is no, no. Man has the capacity to say nothing for nothing, it’s all done and if you look at the history of Guru Nanak you will learn one thing, he is the first human prophet who brought everything through music.

Music does not mean that what we sing here is music, music means total life was based on harmony. Guru Nanak if can be remembered in the right definition and we pay lot of respect and tribute to him, then we have to understand that in his life there is only lesson available – keep harmony at every cost. There are three things, for every unsuccessful man; he doesn’t know commitment, he doesn’t know commitment, he doesn’t know communication and he doesn’t know continuity, these are the three powers given by God to every man to create harmony, that your commitment should be atal, atal means unshakable, your communication be precise, it means definite and your continuity should be based on your character, your caring and your compassion. Then only you can be continuous, otherwise you will fall.

So realizing all that in the aspect of it, I take you back three thousand years, there are two words very particular.

“Antar mukhi bahar mukhi.”

Mukh means face, those which things have face outside and things which have face inside. These are two balances on which yogis call hata, means sun and moon, you call it vibration, electrician call it negative, positive, call it anything, I am, I am just not wasting my time what you are going to call what, you know people call me divine and people call me devil, it’s the same thing, I mean to say after all, they are calling, so long they are calling it’s fine, that’s all matters. You must exist. So long you exist you shall vibrate, so long you shall vibrate you shall be called. Sat Nam means that.

The truth is that life is called by identity, that’s why somebody’s Guru Mail Singh, somebody GuruRai Singh, somebody Guru Math Singh, that is a identity and we take our name from the Guru. So our identity is amalgamated with the Guru. So what happens to keep up is that when you want to keep up, how you will can keep up. If somebody tells you the bad days or not going to come I don’t agree; neither Guru agrees with it and Siri Guru Granth is our touchstone as a Guru, we don’t worship man.

First of all, on Guru Nanak’s day you should learn one thing; if you keep on worshiping man, then you are not a Sikh. Guru Nanak was alive when Guru Angad became the Guru and from Kartarpur we turned ourself to Khandur Sahib. In Sikh there is a one thing; you worship where Joth is, where light is, you go where Guru is, not where body is. Otherwise you will start worshiping statues, you will start doing the whole thing, from where Guru Nanak took you out, you will go back into it. You can go back into the same cosmology now Jata Ji ka Khalsa, Jata Ji ki Fateh, that’s what is totally taking away Sikh Dharma from its path. You take my Amrit, you take that Amrit, Amrit belongs to Guru Gobind Singh and you take Amrit from Guru Gobind Singh, you don’t take Amrit from a person.

No person has lawful, moral, ethical right to give you Amrit. That’s why before Amrit, we present those people who have to give us Amrit before the Siri Guru Granth, it is called sodana, clarifying them, as you take the butter, put it on a slow fire, and you clarify it, it becomes ghee. Even those panj piaras who give you Amrit, are supposed to go before the Guru and get clarified and then they feel entitled morally, ethically and personally, then they can give you Amrit. So reality of life you must face.

Today first time people are asking this question, what will happen to the Sikhs, what will happen to the Khalsa, what will happen to us, I am telling you what will happen, we are going to grow. There is no way that we can be stopped and if anybody has this foolishness that Sikhs became, American became Sikh because of Yogi Bhajan, they are so wrong, so stupid, they even do not know that people here were ready, seeking, trying to know and somewhere along the line, light touch the light. If you think that a iron pipe can bring water everywhere, you are wrong, there has to be water somewhere to bring it somewhere.

So basically in Sikh Dharma word preside, Siri Guru Granth shabad, that is the Guru. We have gone to such a subtle body now, subtle body and radiant body, between they two and shabad of the Guru is subtle, power of it is radiant and that is why Siri Guru Granth is our living Guru, it cannot be a holy book, so long it is a holy book for you, you are not a Sikh, you are worshiping a dead Guru or a alive Guru, that question is with your consciousness, I am not asking you to verify. Ask yourself and if the Guru is alive, the words are alive, then are you in full understanding and full compliance of it or not, that’s also your character, nobody can watch over that, but however, the beauty of the Sikh religion is that when life outside challenges, Sikh go to the inner source, goes antar mukhi, picks up the courage, picks up the grit, pick up the Kala and becomes bahar mukhi, comes out radiant, shining.

The story is in and out, avagavan, come and go. Story is not what you think story is. If you are looking for a religion, where there shall be all peace, then leave. There is no all peace, you are the peace, you create the peace, you are part of that peace. That is why Sikh wears Bana, dedication to the Guru, not that we are just nothing but stupid soldiers, no, we are intelligent committing committed characters who represent Guru by very existence and bad and good is not our problem, bad is so bad that we welcome it, so it gives us a chance to rise, good is so good we welcome it so we are chance of gratefulness, thank you, thank you and when good comes, we share it, when bad comes, we excel it. If you do not know that basic principle, you have not understood Guru Nanak.

Today everybody wants to see the shabad of the Guru spread, everybody want to see the whole world should become Sikh. Wait, patience pays, don’t worry, it will happen exactly that way. The things are going to get so complicated, you know circumstances are going to help us and mind of the person is going to so berserk that people are going to go every man, man of power, man of miracles, man of virtues, man of superpowers, man who can create heaven and Earth, who can just sit before me and deal your angiographies is done, your heart is perfect. Well, I may not have to pay bills, even those men of miracles, men of powers, men of superpowers shall not be in a position to sustain this man in his own skin.

Mind is going to go so berserk, the hollowness and the shallowness of the human race has touched that point that it needs Guru Nanak in his music, it need this Sat Peter, the stupid SatPeter to become Sat Peter, there are two Sat Peters, night Sat Peter, day Sat Peter, stupid SatPeter, wise Sat Peter and nobody can take Sat Peter and totally blend him into nothingness. No, nobody has the right Sat Peter is Sat Peter, he sat down with the sitar and sang. At that time word of Nanak, the music and Sat Peter became one. That is the oneness of God, that is whatSikh Dharma is Ek Ong Kar and that is Ek Ong Kar, Sat Gurprasad. What was Sat Gurprasad was that shabad, that Nanak music and that rababi sat down, that tadi sat down and sang the word of Nanak, that is oneness. There is no big paraphernalia, complication, close your eyes, I send you the light, I raise your consciousness, nonsense. We don’t need all these rigmarole, all we need is, when Sat Peter sang and sang the words of Nanak, whosoever sang with him became the Nanak, the whole thing became Nanak, that is Nanak.

Nanak is not what you want to present him, Nanak is not diamond, gold, though we want to have them. Nanak is not this, Nanak is not that, Nanak is that word which Sat Peter today on the birthday of Nanak sang and which was also sung by every member of the congregation, that is Nanak. If you ever want to explain Sikh Dharma to anybody, Sikh Dharma is that deed of excellence which we did today in the Guru’s house. Today we sat down here and sang that word in excellence, that is a plus. Well, maybe in the 11 O’clock tonight some will happen to Sat Peter and he will just change himself into a black dress and put a big long cone and some feathers of the peacock and try to, maybe like to become Lord Krishna and like to have a dance, God knows what he is going to do but what I am saying is that is what at that time the same Sat Peter has the right to transform himself to anything he wants.

Sat Peter is my very beloved son, I am taking his personal example and putting it before you but it is the privilege of the will of the Kala of Sat Peter to live in the sixth center or in the first center. Ek chakar dwashi sat chakra mashi, that is simple one line which only Sat Peter can decide, I cannot decide it, none of you can decide it. Entire government of United State cannot decide it and entire European community cannot decide, the whole world cannot decide it. All angels, God, all demons, all bad wills and good wills cannot decide it, this is the only privilege to be a human and that is what Sat Peter is, rest is a meat, bone, molecules, atoms, a shape, miss shape, handicap, depressed, happy, joyful, flirt, gracious, saintly, call him anything.

Sat Peter has one million items, ten trillion, that body which you see today which sang before you is ten trillion cells, each cell has three in it, there are thirty trillion Sat Peters, which one you like, make a choice but when that thirty trillion Sat Peter are put together and it attacks, it attacks, SatNam, adapts, watch my word, what did I say, adapts Sat Nam, what is Sat Nam, Bani Guru, Guruhai Bani, Vich Bani Amrit Sara, all the nectars are in Guru’s word, when he adapted that shabadand put this thirty trillion chitanos, those pieces and they created a harmony with the gift of God,prana, dead, he cannot do that.

Purpose of life has to be understood, dead he can’t do it, he did it with the Guru’s word and he created with prana, pavan Guru, a vayu, a air which carries the prana, there are many airs which do not carry the prana, they are dead airs, they are, they are death messengers. So he took all his thirty trillion Sat Peters, I mean, it takes longtime look at the weight, understand, he took thirty trillion Sat Peters and put together and today cancelled every other thing and came to the Guru’s house, one thing; second, he sang Guru shabad and third he gave us the privilege to sing it with him, that is Cherdi Kala, that is antar mukhi bahar mukhi, that is the meaning of Ek Ong Kar, SatNam, Karta Purkh, Nirbhao, Nirvair. Today he become not afraid of anything.

People come here, there that beeper comes also with them and it creates a call, some of them are strong, they shut it off, (?) go and make the call but today he didn’t bring his beeper, neither mental nor electric, both were missing and he sat down here and so long one Sat Peter will singGuru’s shabad, Khalsa will live, Khalsa will grow, that’s the food of the Khalsa. Food of the Khalsa is not bananas and peanuts, food of the Khalsa is not lot of food, food of the Khalsa is dedication.

Today some of our Sikhs have brought the food today they are very dedicated, food could have come otherwise, today it was their dedication, it was their vibrations, their hand worked, the each one in the family thirty trillion work together, brought food, not to sell, not to make profit, not to show off but came here to be one with Guru Nanak. There is a way to become one withGuru Nanak, listen to me, I am not going to live with you very long anymore. I am telling you my, my time to go home is approaching and I have done my job but I am just sharing with you certain things, becoming one with Guru Nanak…

I am a Yogi, I am a Mahan tantric, God knows after my death who shall be crowned with that, there is no problem with me but I am telling you with all yoga to be united to the Guru Nanak is the easiest thing, I am telling you the whole theory and that is what we did today. Get united withGuru Nanak with a dedication, with a devotion and put this thirty trillion cells and offer it back to Nanak and Nanak will take you to God, simple things should be done in simple way.

Lot of people are creating complication. We will give you Amrit if you show up this, this, this, arey,Amrit belongs to Guru Gobind Singh, you give it if Guru Gobind Singh wants to give anything, he will give, who the hell you are. You who is constipated for five days, what right you have to giveAmrit to anybody, what are you talking about but who are you, oh I will give you a blessing I will do you Ardas, things will happen. Then we read, Bil bolya sab kuch janta, Guru knows everything even without speaking because we speak with the power of the Guru, that is the attitude, attitude of gratitude, that is Nanak and that is the strength.

By anger, by dramatizing, by putting yourself down, by putting yourself up, by expanding yourself, by contracting yourself, these are the laws of physics above them there is a sach khand, the true state and that true state is where you blend with your Guru, become the alloy of theGuru and you don’t have to ask anybody, you have to come 8 O’clock, go around the ashramtwelve miles, it will take you three miles medically required walking plus you will chant WaheGuru, with every step, it is called Sadh Sangat, it is called sangat of those who have discipline, commitment, continuity, care, compassion, kindness to each other, it is what you need.

You know, I know you are Americans and you love to be sold gimmicks, oh I know you very well, I mean to say I am one among you and you love promises and you love to break those promises. You have to break marriages, you have to break promises, you have to break everything to continue. This country requires to have four divorces on average and thirty-eight relationships, sexual relationship to keep the economy going, it’s a economic necessity present and then everyday I yogi Ji, needs sale. Sale on every occasion, anything is a sale because we put our profit four times and then we bring it to half and we call it sale. We need so much ruckus in this life but there is a very beautiful part in which we can dwell, Amrit kund, the part of the nectar, that is what Amritsar represents, the tank of the nectar in which sit that golden Harimandir, the Temple of the Guru.

It is such visualized situation if you want to just go with me and just think that Harimandir and Amritsar and sits that Golden Temple in the center and in the Golden Temple just see the same Siri Guru Granth which is here is there presiding and see the Sikhs bowing there, they bow, they bow here, how happy you are slowly and gradually with all the sangat in the western hemisphere, Mexicans have brought the marble, you have try to put it up, everybody comes in the evening and I have seen with my own eyes the light in your eyes oh it’s beautiful.

Why beautiful – because at that time your soul blend with Nanak, your glory blend with consciousness, you feel like you are doing something for ist, and those who have ist they cannot be nust, they cannot be wiped away, they cannot go anywhere. I know today there are schemes to destroy you, I know that, don’t misunderstand me because our counter intelligence is far superb, we are really people, we believe in counter intelligence and we know what is going on but I tell you the net result of it. Net result is, nothing can destroy us. You know why? We represent no harm to anybody, we don’t ask anybody, we ask our Thakar,

‘Jo, apana Thakar sa jo maga apana takar sa,’

And our Thakar is who gave this world tranquility, majesty, peace, joy.

Kouda was a rakshas, cannibal, he used to eat people, somebody goes bad, you don’t have patience, ha, I can, I can’t take it, I can understand it, you know you go crazy. I am talking of a compassion, Kouda was a known cannibal, he took Guru Nanak’s most beloved disciple Mardana and wanted to fry him because he thought that you know Freud’s opinion is better than the (?), you understand what I am saying, so what you have the potato fried what you call that?

Students: French fries.

YB: French fries, so he was making a French fry of Mardana before he even started it, he thought it will a better thing to do and Guru Nanak went there, not only cool him off, cool his cannibal desire off, in not only cool that hot oil and everything, brought peace, tranquility and grace to a professional cannibal negative.

Among us when the Guru shabad doesn’t live Peter, then you know what live – all cannibals, all sorts of cannibal, kind of cannibals who want to have what, what you do, catch up with it and, and then what we do, we want to fry everybody. We say bitter things, we say ugly things, we do ugly things, we put a mustard of hate, ketchup of jealousy, we put salt of disgrace, we do perverted acts, we do weird things but see how great Nanak is, when we come here, he take us with his bosom, loves us, touches us, feels us, ask us, ‘hi, welcome, how are you.’ Antar mukhi bahar mukhi, same Nanak, he goes to with a strange child and said, ‘I love you’ and he says to a great meditating yogi and say, ‘come out,’ look at him.

Guru Nanak never only went to Kouda, he went to all these Yogis, all these siddhas, perfected Nathas and say what, what are you doing here, they try to play game with him, he played one simple game and told them, agree or not you are all runaways, don’t misunderstanding that if once you become a religious man you cannot be egomaniac. I mean, forget it, religious people are more egomaniac, more greedy, more clever, more game players than you have seen anybody because they put all the Shakti into it. The blessing of house of Guru Nanak is, he went to all great people and small people with the same open heart and sing that let us serve God. Some people only love God, they don’t want to serve. Have you seen a lover who say I love you, everything is your and she says, “Can you spare ten dollars today.”

He said, “Too much,” have you seen those lovers.

“Darling, I like to take you out tonight, tell me where you want to go,” and then they say, why not you was just on that stand you know those things, (?)(falafel) is available, two dollars will do, I mean, this kind of lovers are there today in the world and in spiritual world also there are people who just play the role, rich and poor, spiritual ego is the highest.

Spiritual pits are the deepest but the beauty of the Sikh Dharma, beauty of the house of Nanak is, here you can come out of the pit by yourself, you don’t need anybody. All you have to come. You know, it is such a direct relationship and it is called composite impact relationship, you come before Siri Guru Granth, you read it, it is between you and the Guru, nobody comes in, none, you don’t need a Granthi, you can become Granthi and listen to this, Khalsa mera Sat Guru pura, Khalsa is my perfect true Guru, these are the word of Guru Gobind Singh, I know when I say these they say Yogi Ji is misleading everybody, no this is how I understand it, this I believe and this is my very experience, Khalsa mera Sat Guru pura, Khalsa is my true, perfect Guru because when you speak the word of the Guru, you become the Guru, when you speak the word of the perfect true Guru, you become the perfect true Guru, there cannot be two things.

At Ganges is the purest river, all city dirt gets into it, it become Ganges, har, har Ganga, har, har Ganga, exactly in the gold carat maybe different but when any other metal gets in, it become gold. When the word of the Guru comes on your tongue, thought of the Guru becomes your thought and at your heart Guru presides, at that time, you become Sikh of the Guru.

“Baliharit itni sajano.”

I go sacrifice to those friends of mine, Guru calls that. Listen, you will never find Guru Nanaksaying behold, not at all. Guru Nanak said ‘I love you, I am humble, I am lowly of the lowly, because I happened to meet you, happened to see you, happened to be with you.’ What you are doing is a marvelous wonder. You know ten years ago, I go became sick and doctor said, all right,Yogi Ji is going to go, all arrangements were made. I came out. This time I didn’t have even a chance to save myself. You, your, I do not know who among you is that super saint but there are many of you, many, many of you, many, many of you.

“Bil boliya sab kuch janta.”

God knows everything without even saying. That’s why I feel you, I understand you, I want you, I know you but you have to carry on this work. Your shoulders are young and strong, mine are old and gone. You have to carry this work to spread the word of the Guru, you have to go to the four corners of the world, you already done it, you are in Europe, you are in South America, you are in places where they never saw a Sikh before and you have gone just by yourself, just with faith, just with tranquility, just with grace and that is what Guru Nanak is. Some people left for earthly wants, you bless them to go, dust to dust, you send it away but you carry on, you shall carry on, you will carry on, it’s the will of the Nanak that you will carry on, nobody can stop you, nobody can destroy you. These are all false clouds, these clouds have no value, this is the time of the test.

In nineteen seventy-two I wrote a letter, in nineteen eighty-four I wrote a letter, these are records. We shall be tested from eighty-four to eighty-eight, these are records, why to avoid a test, it gives us graduation, it will give us a qualifying test. Guru is with us, believe me or not, is up to you. Either be true to the feeling, to the imagination, to the reality, that when you say Ang SangWahe Guru it is real, (?) it’s false. If Ang Sang Wahe Guru, is true, then you are true. You should teach your children, in grind in their very thirty trillion cells that Ang Sang Wahe Guru with them is thirty trillion times. It’s a physical formula which we have to give our every child. We cannot destroy our children, they are not only our hope, they are the hope of the house of Nanak, that is the way to serve the house of Nanak, that’s the way to go and who is great among us and who is humble, time will tell, time will tell.

In my fifty-eight years I have been smashed so many time even a potato cannot match with it. Again next morning, I walk again with a broken heart, sometime with a broken head, sometime with torn clothes, sometime penniless, friend less, without peer group, absolute lonely, absolute don’t know what to do, no program, nothing, and each first ray of the sun tells me, go, be and serve your Guru, talk about it, meet with it. You know what a beautiful religion you belong to? When you meet somebody you say, Sat Nam.

“Kirtan Nam Japa meri jeeba Sat Nam terro paro purbula.”

You talk Sat Nam, and if you meet a Khalsa you say,

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”

Is there any better dedication than that and that is your beginning, that is your base of your communication, what else you want. You know how marvelous it is the house of Nanak? How beautiful it has taught you and care for you? How can anybody do you any harm? When Har, Hari, Harey, Guru Wahe Guru is with you, once you say Wahe Guru, you say eleven hundred times Har, eight hundred, eight thousand four hundred forty-four times in Siri Guru Granth, you will get the Hukam ‘Jap Hari, Jap Hara, Jap Hari, har.’ Guru Gobind Singh gave you the mantra’Wahe Guru,’ Guru Mantar so that your Jap become easy, compassionate, kind.

So today you have to the house of the Guru, I just wanted to share with you. Physical time is limited.

“Jo upjo so binsa.”

Whosoever is born shall die, avagavan is there. Whosoever is come has to go, there are no two ways about it, but spread is unlimited. Spread. Grow you shall glow, nothing can stop you, nothing will, nothing else stopped me, look at me. I mean, why to ask somebody else to give an example, take my example. On every step they try to stop me, what the hell they are talking about, they can’t do a thing, nothing can stop you, when Guru, Guru is your ist, Guru is your center of guidance, Guru is you, Nanak is in you, then nothing, give seat, won’t you give a ride to Nanak, give Nanak a ride, instead of your egomaniac nonsense. Let Nanak today ride in your heart.

Hey, Nanak is raising the thumb, what is this called, hitchhiking, pick him up, can you not pick Nanak today, tomorrow, day after, and everyday, that’s all Sikh Dharma is about. Carry the Guru. There are two ways to do it-carry your ego or carry the Guru, make a choice, you will say right now, Guru, but then when you go back home, you say, ‘ha, ha, na, na, if I carry the Guru then I can do all hanky-panky,’ that’s where the deciding factor is, not that your intensions are wrong, not or that, your intensions are good, you want it, I agree with you hundred percent but the problem is, when you are carrying the Guru’s palki on your shoulders,at that time you have nothing else to say Sat Nam Wahe Guru, you know you did it, exactly the same thing. When you carry the Guru you have to carry the Guru, you have to keep going, and that there is a automatically everything will be cleansed, cleared, all knowledge will come to you.

If you would have read that poem in Punjabi, Gurmukhi, you would have enjoyed it, they are in Gurmukhi so that you can read it and you can recite it, they are beautiful, they are not two opinions about it. That’s why we like you to understand Guru Nanak is in your fiber, Guru Nanakis in your heart, Guru Nanak is in your head, Guru Nanak is you. If you are not Guru Nanak, there is no Guru Nanak and when you speak, utter the word of Guru Nanak, that’s when you becomeGuru Nanak. That is called Gurmukh whose word, whose face is Guru’s face, not your face, not what your mirror tells you, what Guru Nanak tells you.

Therefore today is a day when you can totally dedicate yourself to the Guru and Guru will dedicate thousand times to you.

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa.”

Students: “Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”


(YB reads Ardas)

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”


Boley Sonihaal…

Sat Siri Akal.

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”

(Student reads the holy book)

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”

Student: (?) first Guru, all silly women why (?) pride, why enjoys thou not the love of God in Thy own home. All silly women why (?) pride, why enjoys thou not the love of God in Thy own home. Thy bridegroom is near oh foolish bride. (?) for searches thou abroad. Put (?) needles of Gods fear into thine eyes and make the decoration of the Lords love. That alone shall thou be known a devoted wife, attached to Thy spouse if thou bear him love. What can a silly young bride do if she pleases not her groom. Though she may make good many (?) yet such a bride cannot obtain her spouses mansion. Without Gods grace nothing can be obtained (?) though she may run through great deal. Inebriated with (?), covetousness and pride she is engrossed with (?).

By these things the groom obtained not, ignorant is the young bride, go and ask the (?) by what actions is the spouse obtained. Whatever the Lord does accept that as good and do away with cleverness and order. Attached thou Thy mind to his feet and by whose love the wealth of emancipation is attained. Do thou (?) what the spouse (?). Surrender Thy body and soul unto Him. Apply thou (?) perfume (?) the true wife or sister by these means the bridegroom is obtained. If face Thy own self then shall thou obtain the groom (?) what can avail.

The day when the spouse looks with grace is of account and the bride obtains nine treasures. She who is the beloved of her bridegroom is the happy wife. Nanak, she is the queen of all. Like this she remains imbued with pleasure intoxicated with (?) and day and night, absorbed in the Lord’s love she has (?) as calmly, beauteous and intelligent and she alone is wise. Like this she remains imbued with pleasure, intoxicated with (?) and day and night absorbed in the Lords love. she has (?) as calmly, beauteous and intelligent and she alone is wise.

“Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.”
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