Yogi Bhajan Video on the Power of Japji Sahib


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Excerpt from a lecture given on July 29,1990 in Espanola, New Mexico: 

Japji is misunderstood by the world today. Japji has two sloks and thirty-eight steps. Guru Nanak recited Japji. It starts from God comes to the Earth. If, from the Earth towards God, you recite it step by step and apply it step by step, every problem not only can be solved, it can be dissolved. That’s the power of Japji.

It’s a jap of ji. Ji is the soul. Jap means repeat. What that repetition does to you is give you consistent projection and it makes you perpetual. If a person is not perpetual and his psyche is not perpetual, that person will not vibrate with any one, no matter how much you love emotionally or through your feelings, or how much you desire to want it. Even your desires become your enemy. They will drag you down because that shall be a load which you cannot otherwise carry.

If you have good air in your tires, you can keep going and you can carry a maximum load, but if you have one flat tire, you can’t make it. And if you have four flat tires and you try to make it with all the full load, you must be dreaming.

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