Your Breath is Your Prosperity


Lecture excerpts from the Siri Singh Sahib November 10, 2001

“Recently there was a problem. There was a girl who was in love and things were not happening right.

One day she called and she said, “I am in too much pain. Things are not happening right.”

I said, “Count your breaths per minute.” She was breathing thirty-five breaths per minute. Thirty-five! Normal breathing is fifteen and a well-balanced person breathes ten times a minute. If you are really a practitioner and you want to be prosperous then you have to breathe within seven and nine breaths a minute.

Fewer than that—you are a yogi. If you want things done for you and you don’t want to have to do anything, then you must breathe from one to five or six breaths per minute. If you can practice this then you can attract the universe to you. It is not a secret. It’s a simple thing. The longer and deeper the breath is, the more your psyche attracts everything for you, and that’s a way to prosperity.

There are some people who are perpetually a failure. Everything fails. This thing doesn’t work, that thing can’t. If you tell them to practice ten breaths a minute, and meet them after two or three years, they will be so prosperous and so beautiful. Because the sense of their communication changes. There is fear in your voice. If you can eliminate that fear, you can surely be prosperous. If you are wealthy you will enjoy wealth. Because the living psyche is part of you and that decides everything.”

Sail Pat'har Meh Jant Upaa-ay

For even those creatures who were made to be born in the stones, God has provided their food and meals.

Copyright:  Yogi Bhajan Teachings

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