2019 SuperHealth Specialty Professional Training

It was a magical experience!  A beautiful tapestry of people were brought together to experience the depth of the teachings in friendship and love.  One of the highlights was meeting fellow “siblings of destiny” from around the world — New Zealand, Iceland, Guatemala, Sweden, Belgium, Mexico, Australia and all throughout the U.S.

Some were new to Kundalini Yoga and others were yoga teachers, nurses, physical therapists, counselors.  Several participants had attended a SuperHealth event previously, however many had not. They went on-line and found a YouTube clip or saw a flyer and just came!  Amazing!

We talked together, had small group sessions and ate the detox and rehabilitation diets complete with fresh therapeutic juices throughout the day including herbs and vitamins. We went on therapeutic brisk walks to increase mental self-control and we’d go into the beautiful hills in the Land of Enchantment where the blue sky is so clear you can touch the heavens. NAAD or Sound Healing is an amazing and fun session and Celestial Communication Therapy is always a favorite.  This is done by moving the hands to allow the dancing fingers to balance the brain.

We invited a wide array of guest speakers to address us.  An official from Rio Arriba County explained how yogic therapy is effective with substance abuse clients.  Other speakers talked about how Kundalini Yoga changed their lives and are now free from substances and thriving as a nurse and another assisting in Human Trafficking.

At times, you’d see a lone tear trickle down the cheek of someone discussing a personal issue and then smiles filled their faces with a glowing radiance to light up the room. Deep friendships were made and a family was born. We are all part of the blessed destiny to reach out and touch someone’s heart with the warmth of the human spirit. Now the work begins as we return home and share what we’ve learned with others. It will always be a special time to remember and I know I have new friends to love and support me throughout the world.

The most transformative, healing experience of my entire life.  Beautiful beyond words.

~ Scott Eifenbein, NJ (SOBA)

All are welcome.  Join us for the Next Training.

Save the date!

March 21 – 28, 2020

8 Day Specialty Professional Training

Española, New Mexico, USA


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