Celebrating Krishna Kaur’s 80th Birthday

In 2019 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of 3HO, as well as the 80th birthday of Krishna Kaur, who was one of the first people to join the early 3HO and Sikh Dharma movement in the 1970s.

Krishna Kaur has been instrumental in bringing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma around the world, including Africa and China. She is known as a beloved master teacher to many people in our community. She has also started a nonprofit, Yoga for Youth, to bring these teachings to at risk youth in America.

In honor of the auspicious occasion of her 80th birthday, we’d like to share this excerpt from a lecture on May 6, 1985 where Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan speaks very beautifully about her on her 46th birthday and honors her service:

Okay, Mukhia Sardarni Sahiba Krishna Kaur Khalsa, touchwood, she is one woman who has been extremely loyal, super righteous and the only example I can say, she didn’t do intentionally any wrong in action, thought and deed and may Guru keep her that grace forever. It’s not a matter of pride, it’s a matter of human surprise. Her devotion, her dedication, her capacity to work, her love for Guru, her love for God in every form and shape, she is better than me, I can honestly vouch it. Whatever study and comparative study I have done and only my prayer is through thick and thin I have carried out and she should carry out. I respect as a human being, I respect her as a spiritual human being, I respect her as my most beautiful disciple, I respect her as a beautiful Gursikh and I honor her as a wonderful daughter of mine who has stood by me through thick and thin, through my darkest days and through my glorious days equally and surprisingly what a characteristic of a yogi is. I in my heart felt that she was the only light which let me understand everything is not that bad. I do not have words to honor her today on her birthday, it is forty six something.

How old you are?

Forty sixth birthday means total ten. So I am fifty six, she is ten year younger than me but in her morality, in her ethics, in her spirituality she is hundred year older than me, she has surpassed me in lost of events many, many time. It is amazing to see a person in a human body with that caliber, I have to say lot but I like just like to stop it because I’ll, I’ll seek today the mercy of God and Guru Ram Das to bless her with much more power, if my prayer has any meaning left to it. She is steady, she is solid, she is firm in her faith and she has done wonderful things for us. Much more than I can expect that I can do it myself, always in any emergency and painful situation I put her in, without uttering a word of resentment and sigh, she goes in, does the job like a proud general and a good soldier and extremely beloved daughter for which I am very proud. I am proud and I am thankful and I am grateful to Guru Ram Das who gave me this daughter of mine. I can joke with them, I can tease her, I can beat her up, I can love her, I can hug her God knows what I do but it’s always taken in the spirit of utmost reverence, love and affection which a human can go by. It’s a standard of which I am convinced is worth seeing, worth learning and worth to be.

In her most weak moments, most weak moments, she has not let her posture and her dignity fall, in the most challenging time she has not let her grace go. In the most difficult challenging work she has not let her faith shake. All I can say is, she is the most amazing human being which God could have created as far as my dealing and knowledge and understanding goes. From where she got it and why she is, what she is, it is a dilemma which I don’t think we want to solve forever.

Therefore on this birthday I pray to Guru Ram Das for the sake of those who are walking on this path, let her grace be maintained by his grace. I call today on the house of Guru Nanak to bless this woman with a sainthood by her own virtue and grace and let her be bestowed with the values that we women folks can be proud of it and we as Khalsa can be honored about it. I do not know what I can give her more and what I can say about it but I am very amazed to let you know and share with you my own honest feeling about her. To me she is a piety, purity and sanctity of human life. I look at her nothing but something very, very near complete, I don’t want to say complete because that’s God’s part and God’s will because being his very junior agent I do feel the rightly, that’s a very… The only thing is she over tanned and I always tell her not to go to beach too much but in the best of all we in the Sikh dharma and we in the congregation and we in the yoga are very proud to have her among us and we like to wish happy birthday.

And do you believe today I couldn’t find and select whole day after total thinking what gift I can give her and then finally I decided I won’t give her anything.  Yeah that’s true.  It’s one rare thing in my whole life. I am fifty six year old. I know what to do, what to give and then I finally decided I am not going to give her anything. I will ask Guru Ram Das to do one favor to me.  Give her something which I couldn’t think and I, today I humble myself before the lordship and before his Takht of Raj Yog and beg of him.  Let him give her something for which all mankind be proud of and he always comes through, I know it.




To find out more about her classes and schedule, visit Krishna Kaur’s website www.KrishnaKaur.org and the website of her non-profit, Yoga for Youth at yogaforyouth.org.




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