40 Days of Poetry: Day 18


Sacred Kiss


O wonderful death

O beautiful friend

Sometime you come so late

That waiting becomes painful.

In the longing to go home

To find the eternal peace

You are the only friend

Who can make it happen.

In reality you are the only one source

Who can give freedom

With a wonderful reason–

To get rid of duality.

This body of the tattwas and its’ juices

Sometimes drys away

Like a barren land.

You are the only one

Who stops the changing of time’s sand

Under which are toil and turmoil

Emotions and motions

Love and lies,

For there’s a great fear to die.

But in reality

You take us from time and space,

Walking and talking

You take us to the ultimate base;

The Infinitely of God

Home sweet home

The ultimate dwelling of the soul.

What a wonderful companion you are

Taking us into the warmth of God

From the earthly cold.

Life sometimes moves very slowly

Like a glacier with the strength to move a mountain.

And without you, my love, o death

Every living being shall go insane.

You are the redeemer

You are the freedom

You are the ultimate friend

Through this beautiful journey of life and end;

But some have created a fear about you

And very real is the fear,

Innocent humans don’t know

You are the only friend in real

Who finishes the game of karma

Opens up the gates of the dharma

So each can enter

The heavenly home

Of the sach kand — the true abode

Of the Nirankar — the formless one.

We have the forms

And from these farms

We reap the crop of karma

And many times we forget

That the world is a motel

To do the karmas total.

In the ultimate realm of reality

There is only one personality

And that is the soul in us

Which is God in all.

And you my friend, my lovely death

In the end of this journey of life,

Toil, sweat and strife,

Becomes the walking companion

And friendly champion

To take me to my God

My ultimate home,

The realm of Infinity,

Freedom of all time and space,

The ultimate God’s Grace.

I, the one who has ridden you many times

Like a horse of death

Like a victory of battle

Like a sacrifice under sword

And by crossing the cross.

But I know all these changes

Takes me to my abode

In the heart of my loving God,

My ultimate place

For which my heart beats

In the rhythmic joy

And with longing

Waiting for you

My friendly death.

In my deep silence

I am waiting

I am relating

For your arrival, too.

Life is a span

To do what we can

To excite and excel

To create a heaven and a hell

And to ultimately wait and ride with you

To the peaceful abode of God.

I dwell in God;

Here, there and everywhere

And life and death I share

We all have to go

But sometimes going is tough

Time is rough

Stormy with lightning

And the winds are cold,

But the warmth of the heart and friendship

Makes us ready to go for our abode

In the heavenly kingdom of my Father

The Palace of Peace

Place of Eternal bliss

With one’s death kiss.

Peace was in the beginning

Peace is now

The end shall be nothing but peace

Heavenly lights, realms of Grace

Are the nucleus of peace.

I love you my friend

Why I call you the death?

You are the redeemer

Friendly steed

Who reach me to the zenith

The abode of God

Peace of the man

And ultimate bliss

Which can only come

Through the last  — at last

With your lovely kiss.

In Yogi’s union

In prayer’s communion

In a kingly glamour

In meditative death

The throne of immortality

The Akal Takhat lay barren

In human irony

In peace default

In nation’s duality.

Its sacrifice gives a call

To all living—

Life and death are siblings.

Death’s an ultimate friend

Not to fear

With conscious clear

One awaits its’ kiss,

Ultimate key to heavens,

Majestic peace, everlasting bliss,

Lies in that wonderful , sacred kiss.


Written by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan in Anchorage Alaska on June 2, 1986



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