40 Days of Poetry: Day 17


Pritam Bhagvati


She came to me as Love

In peace and light

In the soft twilight

It was peaceful

It was prayerful bliss

Fragrance of a thousand thousand roses

Filled her one love Kiss

She came to me in the depth of love

Mother of mankind

She was innocent

She was peaceful

She was a white light

Gentle living dove

There was no talk

There was no walk

She said nothing

But the glowing light

And flowing vibes

Said everything and forever

She was a shield

Shielding me

With a radiance of the sun

She had eight hands

Which are more than two

Nothing in all worlds she cannot do

Leader of an all angels band

Glory burst forth at her command

She rode a tiger in majesty

It was God’s power in reality

This goddess of love

This salvation

When she glanced at me

Fulfilled my dreams of peace

And I bowed down in salutation

We are children of One God

We who are knitted together

In the illusion of relatives

Can get rid of that odd

By knowing the depth of love

Through this goddess of power and prayer

Of peace and tranquility

Which she shares with all of us


As she came to me

Let her come to you

It is the Pritam Bhagvati,

The eternal power of ever everliving God

It is the Mother of  peace and tranquility

Creator of all façade

But if you look beyond

For that one time

You will find the rhythm of heavens

If you just remember

This glorious living vision

You will find life’s salvation

Because She is the source of every creation

Pritam Bhagvati, Namo, Namo.


Written by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on November 13, 1986


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