40 Days of Poetry: Day 16


Prayer of Peace


Gracious Lord,

Thank you for making us

the instruments of your peace.


Time has come, the time is now,

When love of God may unite us all.

Love of life is the universal call.

We must recognize we are from the same clay,

Live through the same breath, same God we obey.


May our dawn bring us peace in the warlords’ race,

Eternal peace — St. Francis’ grace.


Where there is religious ego, let compassion prevail.

Where there is diversity, let unity excel.

Where there is bigotry,

Let there be dignity.

Where there is oppression,

Set people free.


May all men of religion unite, strands intertwined,

Like a rope with which we can hang

The big chandelier of Light — and

Remove blinders of prejudice from everyone’s sight.


Where there is fanaticism,

Let there be hope.

Where there is injustice,

Let there be faith.

Where there is politics

Let there be peace.


Oh, Divine Master,

Teach me to serve and not want to be served.

Let the living truth live undisturbed.

Still the drums of war which cloud our perception.

Let us hear your Word and follow your direction.

Fill our hearts with love for your creation.

Dissolve our fears, bring peace to our nation.


May dawn bring peace to the warlords’ race,

Eternal peace, — St. Francis’ grace.


Written by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on October 27, 1986




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