40 Days of Poetry: Day 24



In the twilight zone of ecstasy,

In absolute state of union

When a breath of life penetrates through,

The soul cries ‘’Wahe Guru”.

And the entire atmosphere

Is filled with the smell of roses,

Union is complete with the disciple and the Lord.


Conquering all odds, life flows

And like the midwinter polar sun, it glows

Trillions of sun rays

Shine on trillions of human cells

From the zeroness of the twilight era

The Human excels.


In the twilight zone in the healing realms

In God’s own hands

Sits the disciple of Guru Ram Das

In union of love, feeling the breath of life

Uttering, ‘’Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru.’’


From Rama to Krishna

From Moses to Jesus

From Buddha to Mohammed

And from Nanak to now

Truth is One, and One it shall be

And in oneness it shall always be with us.


In the light of God, body eliminates,

Freeing the soul to reach its destiny,

Process of life is ecstasy.

Yogi today resigned to the will of God

Rhythm of breath, urge of the bread

Insecurity of tomorrow brings sorrows.

In this today, everything wavers

Everything is a logic scare

From the winter of the atom bomb

And the sounds of the cannons of war,

Sexy looks, emotional outbursts,

Insanity and the clink of the glasses on the bar,

Divine prayers, chanting beads,

Deep meditation sowing the seeds of tomorrow.

Unto Guru it all belongs.

Some see the light and become so

Others depart for the grave worm;

Worm to worm they travel.

They pass on, wasting the song of life.


It is the play and God plays it all

Freedom, Redemption belongs to all

As the One in Oneness of the Self answers the call

Uttering, ‘Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru.”

by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, December 14, 1986


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