40 Days of Poetry: Day 23


The March of Victory

(Charat Charain)


The Waves of Life roll on…

No one can ever stop them.

Life marches onwards…

There is no one who can stop it.

The Cosmic Laws of Life,

Come from the Heavenly planes.

Who could ever tire of living a Life like this?

But there are many travelers and many guides

Who have been left behind in the dust.

I, Narinder Pal, sustained by God, walk with steps that never tire.

The Golden Ray of the Inner Sun, ever shines within me.

The Silver Ray of the Goddess Moon, casts away all darkness.

My Light is God’s Light.

My Story is God’s Story.

The True Guru, the Guru’s essence, lives within my words.

My home is the Sound Current.

My Pranas come from the Heavens.

I come from the Infinite One,

And, though all the world may try,

My story cannot be told.

Oh, People! Don’t try to stop me!

Truth is my Profession.

Samadhi is my Consciousness.

I am called Narsimha, Ravana, and Narinder Pal…

I bow my forehead wherever the True Guru lives,

And utter Har, Har!

Entering into Samadhi, the Yogi says:

We came into the world uttering Har!  Har!  Har!

Let us never have to visit here again!


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