40 Days of Poetry: Day 27


Walk Hand in Hand 


So long we walk  hand in hand,

So long we walk in beachie sand,

So long we have our lofty old grand,

If our life is up and it is divine,

It is yours, and it is mine.

Let them take the risk of slander and crucifix,

But let us go up to the ultimate Infinity,

Our sacred divinity.


Let us look to them with mercy and peace,

Let us uplift those who need us a lot.

That is why God brought us together,

In the one common lofty divine thought.

Let us be kind, merciful and sweet,

Let us fight well, let us not retreat.

We have a goal, we have an aim,

To reach everyone to happiness.

We have a joy, we have a prayer,

We have a job to bless.

Let us walk hand in hand,

On the unending beachie sand.


Portrait of Yogi Bhajan, 1973


View this poem as it  originally appeared in Beads of Truth in 1980 (Issue 6, Volume  II): 


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