40 Days of Poetry: Day 26


My Story

(Apanee Kathaa 


I am the unreachable, infinitely deep consciousness of the Soul,

And I have been returning, over and over,

Travelling on this Path since ancient times.

Time after time, the Infinite Guru revealed the True Word to me.


I was never born or raised.

I was never trained or educated.

No one ever showed me the Path to God.

But by his Mercy, Guru Ram Das took me lovingly in his arms,

And hugged me to his bosom.

Everything I’ve ever said or done, the True Guru himself has shown me!


Oh, Guru Ram Das! By your Grace have I practiced Raj Yoga,

And meditated on the Gurmantra.

My Guru made me repeat Sat Nam, the Punj Shabad,

And by his Kindness, I was blessed with the Knowledge of the Infinite.


This is the Gift of the Shabad: That the Shabad became instilled deep within me.

The Shabad is my delight! The Shabad is my Bliss! The Shabad is my closest friend!


Walk on this Path, Oh, my daughter! And let your heart be free from doubt!

What can you possibly gain from the knowledge of worldly people?

You should spread the Guru’s Teachings instead,

For this world of pleasure and pain is not the real world . . .

You have come here, only to go . . .

So, my daughter, live not in the ways of the world.


The Panth belongs to the Guru and the Guru belongs to the Panth,

Remember God with every breath!

For your True Guru, who established this Panth,

Is alive in every limb and fiber of your being!


Practice Raj Yoga by the Guru’s Grace . . .

For the time of the Khalsa has come!





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