40 Days of Prayer: Day Thirty Eight


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Kirtan Sohila:  Facing the Fear of Death

Excerpted from an article by Guruprem Singh Khalsa:

Kirtan Sohila speaks the Guru’s wisdom, presenting itself as both an art and a science: art, as the beautiful poetry and music that vibrates the Divine, as it soothes the unsettled minds and bodies of this human life. And science as the sound current presented in the unique language of Gurmukhi (meaning from the mouth of the Guru).

In the original Gurmukhi, the rhythm and melodies penetrate deep within our being, allowing the Guru’s words to heal our mind, body and spirit. If done properly, the recitation of the Bani (prayer) relaxes the mind and touches the spirit. Even as a passive listener, important benefits are obtained. Sung from ones own breath, it delivers a further embodiment of wisdom deep within. By deeply listening, a shield of protection envelops your soul.

Our emotional attachments to this body-mind and the feelings that ensue, separate and dull us from recognizing our own souls. Kirtan Sohila teaches us how to exalt our spirit and thus defeat death. We need to touch our spirits and this is possible by reciting God’s praises. In the second pauri of Kirtan Sohila we are called to find a path where God’s praises are sung. That is where we are honored and exalted, ending the fear of death.

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