40 Days of Prayer: Day Thirty Seven



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Prayer and One Minute Spirituality 

“There are certain things you have to understand. You are spiritual people and you will have more impact on your life than anybody else. Intuition is a good idea. But intuition is extreme sensitivity over the unconscious, subconscious and para-conscious. You have never heard that word before.
Para-conscious is that psyche which is called the alter-ego or ‘my alternative angel’; and it works for you. You must have heard something like this in the Catholic faith, ‘My angel guided me to do this’. The Guru has explained these circumstances to us in many ways; there are many realities and they each have their effect.
When the war was booming, our people had a kind of paranoia, a feeling of insecurity. Your sensitivity to feel negative comes from these three aspects. Let us say half a million people are fighting at the front. Half a million people have at least fifty million relatives. The whole media, the whole world is talking about it. Wherever you go, this is the subject. Now the test of your spirituality, your positivity and your prayer comes into play.
It can only happen if you fill your own inner self with Nirbhao and Nirvair; if you are without fear and without vindictiveness; if you relate to the basic Sikh values: Sarbat daa Bhalaa – good for all. You can do it mentally. It will do good for you mentally.
Otherwise, as war proceeds, as war talk proceeds, as actions proceed, as our economy, or social life and our situation proceeds, you will have difficult feelings. You must understand. The human mind has the most active impact as a parallel psyche. It’s not who crosses who. It’s a question of who affects who.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

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