40 Days of Prayer: Day Twenty Five


Additional Prayer Resource

Read the Lecture Excerpt by Siri Singh Sahib Ji:

Developing Your Sensory System for the Aquarian Age

Student Question:

What is prayer? How do we pray and what do we pray for?

Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan Answer:

“The best prayer is when between you and God there’s none. That is the best prayer. You feel His almighty existence, and He feels your existence. That is prayer. You feel Ang Sang Wahe Guru—you feel that in each limb of you, in each fiber of you, He is in them, and you are in His fiber. It’s a feeling. Prayer is not rare. Prayer is when your need and your self are clean and clear, and the Infinite is with you. It’s just thinking that “there’s nothing good and bad, thinking makes it so.” And when your thinking is very profound, very excellent, then you are in prayer. You live in prayer. You walk in prayer, you talk in prayer, and you sleep in prayer. Prayer is all that which is keeping you alive.”

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