8 Jai TayGang Recordings from Our 24-Hour Live Event

Here we share 8 Recordings of the “Jai TayGang” Shabad from our 24-Hour Live Event!

In January, the Global Sangat, gathered together, to sing the “Jai TayGang” Shabad with love and devotion continuously for twenty-four hours, in celebration for the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.

In case you missed the event (or as a reminder for those who attended!), here is a sampling of some of the live recordings played by musicians across the globe.

It was a beautiful and magical event. Thank you to ALL who participated!

Gurudev Kaur and Sangat – Boizenburg, Germany

Hari Bhajan & Siri Chand – Espanola, NM, USA

Fateh Singh and Sangat – Hamburg, Germany

Gurutrang Singh – Virginia, USA

Mata Mandir Singh (USA) – Playing the Rabab

Guru Shabad Singh – CA/NM USA

Sat Kirtan Kaur – Netherlands

Siri Kartar Kaur – Italy

Mata Mandir Singh (USA) – Playing the Guitar

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