Ashtang Agni Kriya


“Eightfold Fire Kriya” Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan on June 24, 1996


Sitting in Easy Pose, with straight spine, move from (a) to (b) in a fast, forceful motion.

(a) Bring your elbows up and out at shoulder level, and bring your hands, palms down, in front of each shoulder.



(b) Bring the hands towards one another with a great force, as if you are about to clap them together, but you stop when they are about 6 inches apart. Hands are above shoulder level. At the same time, bring the elbows down onto the ribcage with a great force. This will cause the hands to jump back a bit. The forceful hitting of the ribcage should be so strong, about one time per second. It is like playing a drum, and you can almost hear the drumbeat. Let your body dance with the music as you continue to do the movement—the upper body above the navel and spine must dance. Do the entire movement very powerfully, using your spirit, letting your internal power come out.


Will become a Breath of Fire


Gobinday Mukanday by Matamandir Singh. Do not sing.


Done for 6 minutes in class the first time. The second time, done 5 minutes.


Inhale, exhale and relax


In this meditation, your breath will become a Breath of Fire. This is actually where Breath of Fire came from. The mantra speaks of eight aspects of God, the Infinite:

Gobinday (Sustainer)

Mukanday (Liberator)

Udaaray (Enlightener—One who takes us across, uplifts us)

Apaaray (Infinite)

Hareeang (Destroyer)

Kareeang (Creator—by Who’s Grace everything is done)

Nirnaamay (Nameless—He is not bound down to the identity of a Name)

Akaamay (Desireless—lt is by Itself)

The main emphasis in this meditation is to forcefully strike the seventh rib. The entire creativity of humanity is based on the seventh rib. Striking this area helps to activate that creativity in us so we can live with our spirit and not our complexes—the imaginary boundaries and limits we put on ourselves which cause us pain.

This is an Ashtang Yog Shastric Mantra. Perfection of this mantra can make you like a rodeo rider (one who rides the horse, and ties up the bull and the calf), and God will be your calf (the one you harness). This is a very fun, energizing, and uplifting meditation, which any whole class will enjoy

Lecture by Yogi Bhajan When This Meditation was Given

Put on his Gobinday Mukanday tape. You will never be free if you have the concept that you have a complex. You will always live in dirt. You will always eat your own ego-maniac, self-created pain. Your life will be nothing but a tragedy. You will be hurt, you will be hurting. The more you hurt, the more you’ll be hurting. Neither wealth, nor the environment, nor the services of the Earth can save you. You are from the Heavens, you came from the Infinite. You are here, and you have to go back to the Heavens and the Infinite. As long as this Earth is important to you and you have less Heavens and more Earth, there shall be pain. Even with everything intact, you’ll be hurting. And the more you hurt, the more you’ll hurt.

You are not real, you are not human. You look human, you act as if you are human, and you know you are human. That’s your ego. But you have a complex. And you have reflexes. You are not spirit. As long as you are not spirit, you are not going to be happy, you are not going to be, and you are not going to have fun. Spirit is the fun, spirit prevails, spirit is your decoration, spirit is your make-up, spirit is your being, spirit is your identity, and your spiritual projection is your power. Instead of that, you are isolated; you are always hiding behind your hide or behind your walls or behind your curtains, or behind your emotions, commotions, and your dramas. Well, who are you? At least a bottle of Coca-Cola has written on it: “Coca-Cola.” It’s a trademark.

Who are you? You are a “hu-man being.” “Hu” means spirit, the light. (YB makes circles with his hands over his head, and out to the sides, referring to the auric field or radiant body of a person.) “Man” means the mental, the now, being now. Now you are the spirit of your mind. You are the bright light of yourself. That’s your identity.

Therefore, because of your complex, you cannot accept everything as spirit and everything cannot accept you, so you create more complexes. Therefore, you have no compassion; you run amok; you make no sense. It’s a natural progression: you grow, you have a youth, you have warm blood, you have strength; and as you grow, you will grow weaker and emptier. Is that the see-saw you came here for?

Put the Gobinday Mukanday tape on. There should be an answer for our pain, so that we do not live in a self-caused insanity. No sound. Your whole upper body from the navel point must dance. Use your spirit, your power. The spine must dance. Power, power, power!

Create the sound from the force of the body, not by clapping. The force is so strong, believe me, that the body will create the sound. Your nerves are stronger. Your ribcage is a drum. Beat it. Come on, do it! Your elbow must hit the ribcage. Hit it! You know where Breath of Fire came from? From this. You are doing Ashtang Agni Kriya. Get into it. You are losing ground! Come on! Try it once, experience it, then tell me. Don’t do it half way. Watch, watch. Power. You have a genetic force. Keep going. Relax, relax. You are enjoying it?

Class: (Applause.)

YB: This is Ashtang Agni Kriya: The Eightfold Fire Kriya of Kundalini Yoga. The mantra is Gobinday Mukunday Udaaray Aaparay Haariang, Kariang, Nirnaamay Akaamay. This is an Ashtang Yog Shastric Mantra. How many of you have gone to a rodeo? You know, where they ride the bull and all that stuff? One thing they do, they ride on a horse, and they tie the calf, and they measure the time. Perfection of this mantra can make a person a rodeo-rider with God as the calf. I’m not kidding. True. This gives you a real Breath of Fire.

Play this tape back from the beginning. You have to do this. I’m very good at it. You create a sound. It’s the seventh rib, “from which God made a woman.” Remember that? It means the entire creativity of humanity is based in the seventh rib. Nobody understands—nobody made a woman out of that little bone, but you know…. This is how they explain things.

Watch. Here is how you get the power. (YB demonstrates.) Understood?
Class: Yes, Sir!

YB: Ready. I want you to experience it. Get it, get it, get it, get it! The breath will become Breath of Fire. Come on. Come on, let’s make it today! Now, now, now, now, now! Hallelujah. Come on! The Saints are marching…. Breath of Fire. Bravo! Hard! Wow, come on. Powerful breath. Powerful. Shalom, brother, Shalom. Peace will prevail. Fire your own fire. Burn your karma. The soul is just a prisoner of the ribcage. Free it! Free it, and free it now! Hit hard!

Inhale. Relax, relax. Now you are getting spaced out. You have to do other things. I just walked in without a program. If we pull it for fifteen minutes more, then forget it. What we have done is just a start. Slowly and gradually we’ll develop the fire, our God within us, pure, powerful, and all prevailing with which we shall burn the karma, the cause and effect. The soul is a prisoner of the ribcage. We shall be free, now and forever.
Have a good day. Thank you.

Copyright and Medical Disclaimer:  Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

 Reminder:  when practicing Kundalini Yoga, remember to “Tune in” with the Adi Mantra before you begin


“The Master’s Touch: On being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age” by Yogi Bhajan

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