The Effects of Bowing Jaap Sahib Kriya

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Excerpts from lecture at Khalsa Women’s Training Camp (KWTC) in 1983 by Siri Singh Sahib Ji

If God is not alive in you, you are not alive on this earth.  For centuries and centuries you have been taught wrong, and the result is God has become outside of you and you have become outside of God.  Let’s get out of it the way Guru Gobind Singh says.  His version is to bow to all aspects of God, every aspect.  First he prays, to bring the invocation of God, true and clear.  Then he bows.  If you can proceed in that rhythm, you can find that oneness.

What we are going to do now is chant with Jaap Sahib. When you utter the word “namastang” touch your forehead to the ground, and by the time the phrase finishes you should be straight up. Your hands should be on your thighs please, not on the ground. We are going to experiment today. We are going to show you how effective it is. This is how I learned Jaap Sahib. Do it with devotion. “Namo is the same as “namastang.” Copy it! Become sharp. There is nothing in Jaap Sahib you have to learn. It is a naad

I’m telling you how Guru Gobind Singh uplifted his people who were crippled mentally and physically and downgraded to the extent that if somebody sat on the ground less than two and a half feet from a Moghul, his punishment was to be beheaded. If a soldier spit at you and if you didn’t catch the spit, you could be beheaded. Ten, twenty, a hundred thousand men were picked up and their blood was fed to the emperor’s hounds. That was the price of life. Men sitting normally doing a normal chore were picked up to be mincemeat, so that the hunting lions of the emperor could be fed. These were the times and this was the state of affairs. That was the rule of tyranny then. There was no appeal there was no life. After a couple of hundred years, a movement started where man began elevating and becoming conscious and becoming visible to God, and God became visible to man. And when the victory came, that is when Guru Gobind Singh used the praise of the Lord in naad. That is what is beautiful about Jaap Sahib: it raises the soul and the self of the being. And that is what we are talking about. I’m just trying to give you the experience as I learned Gurbani, and I learned yoga, and I learned Kundalini Yoga

I know you don’t want to develop yourself. Because you are afraid that you will be in a high position and you will mess up because of the terrible training you have had. You have been made to love ugliness; it’s not your fault. You are all educated, you are all beautiful and there is no reason that you should feel ugly at any time. It is society which has made you ugly

I remember that the most powerfully effective way is to copy Jaap Sahib, because you are not copying the words, you are copying the creative essence of the word, the naad. There is no other way that you can learn about sensitivity. If you can practice this meditatively, then whatever people say, you will always compute what people mean. It will give you a totally different dimension. It will take away unawareness, foolishness and nonsense. What a person is saying and what he actually means are two different dimensions. And that is what I want you to experience

Jaap Sahib is not just to praise God. To praise God is the way we have been taught. It’s the oldest method, because man wanted to be with God and so he was told to pray and meditate. That is where I differ. I have experienced and I believe that these things are there to make us highly sensitive, absolutely creative and extremely intuitive. It doesn’t matter how rich you are, how healthy you are or how good you are. It doesn’t matter if you have all faculties of life which you want to have, if you are not intuitive, you are dumb. That’s where the buck stops. That’s where pain comes, that is what I’m trying to take you past. For that you need new blood. That’s why we are doing these exercises, so that the glands can work

Jaap Sahib is Guru Gobind Singh’s bani. It comes from the third center of balanced naad.  You have to understand one thing. The Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh were in a position to run at the speed of a horse. What was the miracle that gave them such power? Jaap Sahib. Jaap Sahib gives you the strength of the mind behind every muscle of you. And if we have to change, take the Name of God everywhere, with every breath. This is how we can do it. The Name should be in us and we should recite it, we should be with it, and we should become it. And that is the way to be spiritual. Everything you do should be right from your spirit, and your spirit should be in it. That’s the way you can succeed. Nothing else will work it out. You understand?

That’s why he recited Jaap Sahib. This bani is a gift to you to use when your grace, your power, and your position are threatened. Whoever will recite this bani shall never fall flat on his face. That’s why an ordinary bunch of bones could fight with thousands and thousands of armed, trained soldiers and defend themselves beautifully; because they had the spirit with them

Jaap Sahib is the salutation to God in which Guru Gobind Singh recites every facet of God. As many facets as have been explained there, that many facets as a person you have to cover in your life. That’s what Jaap Sahib is. You have to deal with each facet, but if you want to do that, you require about 250 living years to learn, practice, experience and project each facet. I don’t think we have that time. So basically, the idea of the mantra is, it gives you the key to the opening of that hemisphere where you want to be. That’s what Jaap Sahib does and when you do it with these exercises, it will keep you healthy, happy and holier than you can think. You can enjoy life

Now, there is another thing in Jaap Sahib which you might not have ever understood; that is “Ek Achree Chand. ‘ (ajai alai) If you verbally remember it, mentally remember it, and you can verbalize it mentally, it doesn’t matter, what your karmas are, or who you are, if you can remember it and recite it eleven times, there is nothing that you need as a graceful woman which shall not be bestowed upon you by the hand of God. Not by any human being; no human being can give you anything anyway. “Ek Achree Chand” is in Jaap Sahib. It’s one chant only, it’s not very long….but God is bound in each word

If our mind is not pure and clean, we cannot deal with life. It is a simple thing, deal with it on a simple level. You think that you have all the facilities you need so you can face life, but it’s not true. You may have all the facilities, but if your mind is not pure and positive, you can’t face the life. You have to understand this: it is the pure and the positive mind which will make life easy for you. All you want is an easy life, you don’t want to go through the problems and unnecessary rituals. Sometimes you do a lot of wrong things; it’s a total waste of a woman. You are not going to find out anything except that you are going to be hurt. If you want to live with your hurts and you want to cause yourself the hurts, that is a different science and a different theory. As far as I am concerned, no woman is meant to be hurt. I think that basically, we should not go for that

It is my feeling that if we really work hard on ourselves and flow with our own energy, we can penetrate through life successfully. Expecting somebody else to help you or to make you happy or feel good is asking for trouble. Rather, you should make yourself so happy that by looking at you, people should become happy. You do not understand your basics. Whether you are married or not, have children or not, basically you have to keep the entire dimension, the entire domain happy. That’s woman’s work. For a woman to reach God is as easy as for me to go from here to the ranch.  So that we would not become beggars at the doors of others and be insulted, Guru Gobind Singh became one with God and recited Jaap Sahib.

Instructions for Bowing Jaap Sahib

Posture suggestions for Bowing Jaap Sahib

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  1. Harpreet Kaur says:

    Can you teach me how to be happy. Can u help me attain that state of happiness from Gurbani. Can u help me move towards in a correct way to meditation state where u reach Samadhi state

    • Rupinder Kaur Khalsa says:

      Sat Naam Harpreet Kaur,

      Thank you for reaching out.
      As Guru Ji says – all happiness, devotion and self content can be experienced if we are disciplined enough in training our minds.

      Gurbani and the sacred sound current are tools that can help neutralize the mind, and help us be less reactive and more focused.

      We invite you to join us in our upcoming Shabad Guru Series which starts this Friday – you’ll receive weekly inspiration and practical resources to integrate the words of Guru into your life.

      Please click here to learn more and sign up:

      Hope this is helpful for you. Let us know if you have other questions.


  2. What do you mean by a paragrah on “Ek Achree Chand.
    What is the benefit of reciting it 11 times. ANy gender can recite it, right? As this chand is also part of Jaap Sahib.

  3. Tarloksingh says:

    In these trublent times JAAP is the script to be in chardikala
    It gives me the high as an addict gets from his means.
    Vanish all your fears ,Just take a dip in this ambrosial nectar
    Can you imagine the state in which GURU would have recited these pearls & rubies.
    I Bow to God
    One and for all AKAAL the lord of lords

  4. Tarlok singh says:

    Today 7/5/21 I recited jaap after a long time and found that missing waheguru
    That water, that quencher.
    Thanks to sikhdharma .org.

  5. Gian Adesh Singh says:

    Wahe Guru! The Radiance of Guru Gobind Singh touches my forehead & heart each time I play Jaap Sahib. The living embodiment of the Court of the Lord is near and available in each moment through Guru Shabad. Thousands of lifetimes of thanks for the beloved work Sikh Dharma International. <3

  6. Pushpinder Kaur says:

    Your words in this email really helped me to get strength to deal with my present situation. Jaap sahib is real strength. But now I ll practice it with the technique given in this email.

  7. Gurpreet Singh gill says:

    Satshtiakal myself Gurpreet Singh from Calcutta at the moment I am down n suffering from all sides my daughter diagnosed with multiple scerolosid then financially I am ruined due to medical expenses I am in massive debt I am running away from my work from my family n my religion also someone said go to this fakir some days go to astrologer I am wearing gemstones but inside I am ashamed at my self please guide me

    • Pain know every human being is in pain…and you are blessed that you know about prayers .The only power is.., in yourself to believe in God ,do prayers.The things you are running behind will take you in darkness and you are doing more bad karma.We all know the truth and only acceptance of the truth will give you faith, power.”Jo tudh pavee so hi changaa ” Jio bhave tiyo rakh mere sahib main tujh bin awar na koi “We can change the destiny by doing good karmas, my dear believe me use the power of Waheguru , prayers .You will get your answers:)Wish you and your family the best.

  8. Arvinder Kaur says:

    I do various path and also at the moment I am doing 2 Guru Granth Sahib paths, one is on my own, and the other on is on KTV, it is so nice, I enjoy doing it with the Sangat, it is also on You tube. It makes my me feel better, and gives me strength, Himat etc .

  9. Thanq so much.i am already reciting ek achri chand 11 i came to know about the meaning of paath.m feeling so blessed.

  10. SSA ji, what path should I do to bring my prodigal daughter back home. She is in bad company. I do japji sahib, jaap sahib, shabad hazare , kirtan sohila everyday. Thank you so much

  11. baljit sandhu says:

    I used to be a firm believer in dasam granth however, thinking about it the granth hold no merit and I mean that with the upmost respect. Dasam granth could have been established by guru Gobind Singh and quiet frankly reading the translations blows the mind talking about a wife cheating on her husband and killing the man and feeding him to the husband. During the time of the British they wanted to separate Sikhs from our guru so they created this granth, 3 different versions of this granth exsiat. Japji and jap Is similar in name and set by the British. If anyone has any proof why it is authentic plz hit me up without cussing

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