Become a Living Prayer for the Aquarian Age

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“The head is a computer. The heart has the power of 108 suns. The Heart Center is the strongest of all centers. Whenever you pray with the head, it will take so long—you have to go through the intellect, thought, circumstance, environment, space and time. Whenever you sing or pray from the heart, it will be timeless, spaceless and absolutely effective.” –Yogi Bhajan

In these tumultuous times on planet Earth, there are many who are suffering and in some kind of distress and it can seem as though we are moving far from peace. You too may be feeling a general sense of unease, or know others that are going through extremely challenging times.

As a teacher and leader of the Aquarian Age, the most effective tool you have to bring peace to our planet is your power of prayer. Prayer is not begging or pleading or even asking for help. This is the ego’s version of prayer, “Get me out of this problem and I promise I will go to church every Sunday.” The ego sees prayer as pleading with God as a savior that you need to negotiate with in order to get yourself out of trouble.

Prayer is your divine gift to be used to help your fellow brothers and sisters. When we pray only from our mind, it lacks ‘oomph’ because it takes a long time to penetrate through the Maya. Bring in the frequency of the heart and look out – your prayer has just received a rocket booster.

Prayer is a frequency of energy that is created when the heart and mind are one. In prayer, the frequency of the heart and the thoughts from the mind are in perfect harmony. This alignment of energy calls on the power of Grace that does not obey the laws of time and space.

Prayer brings you to a state of Shunyia. It zeroes the ego so that your mind, body, heart and soul are consolidated as one. That is why we bring our hands into prayer pose when we pray. Palms come together and this connects the left and right brain hemispheres and connects our masculine and feminine energies. This mudra sits at the heart center at a 45 degree angle which links the heart energy to the Infinite as well as brings our infinite and finite selves together.

The next time you pray, zero yourself in this way by becoming an empty receptive vessel. Feel the frequency of your heart and simply allow the words to surface without mental force to your lips. Then send your prayer out as a ray of love into the infinite.

Have a prayer on your lips as you move through the world. I remember being on a bus once and people were loudly talking on their cell phones, arguing, and the general energy was ungrounded and negative. Instead of listening to the mental complaining of my ego and feeling powerless to the situation, I chose something different.

I closed my eyes and went deep within and brought each person on the bus into my heart. Then, it seemed as though my soul started to spontaneously pray that each person be at peace. As I came closer to my stop, I opened my eyes and it felt like a buddha bus—people were quiet, grounded and smiling.

Don’t underestimate your power of prayer. Your prayers create miracles in a hopeless world. Your prayers are a vibration of love that clears the path of obstacles for others. Your prayers bring you to the YOU inside you—a living prayer for the Aquarian Age.

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