Bowing Jaap Sahib – Postural Suggestions


Shanti Kaur shares suggestions for getting the most out of your Bowing Jaap Sahib experience.

  1. When sitting in Rock Post (Vajrasana), place the top of the feet on the ground with the heels directly under the sitting bones.  The ideal is to keep the knees together and keep the feet parallel and slightly apart.
  2. Keep the spine elongated.  Keeping the mulbhand (muscles of the rectum, sex glands and navel drawn up and in) engaged as well as neck lock (tuck the chin slightly, lengthening the back of the neck) will help keep your spine straight and the lower back supported.
  3. Remember to have your hands on your thighs throughout the bowing.
  4. Lit the sternum or breastbone upward.  Bend from the hips and let your heart lead and your head follow.  As the Siri Singh Sahib said, “Do it with devotion”
  5. If it is difficult to sit in this position, you can place a cushion or blanket between your feet and your buttocks.  And if you cannot reach the floor with your head, then you can place a cushion on the floor under your head

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  1. QUESTION!! I’m currently copying the Jaap Sahib into a little blessing tome and it says namastang/namastvang/namo are the same, but do we bow equally for all the sentence beginners?
    i.e. [keh sarbattra – bow] (daysai – lift) [keh sarbattra – bow] (bhaysai – lift)

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