Call on Yourself (excerpt)


Excerpt from Lecture of the Siri Singh Sahib Ji, October 5, 1973

You are given a space of life in which you can innocently know your Unknown. That is the law of polarity.  But instead of knowing your Unknown, you start knowing everybody else’s Unknown. That is your problem.  Nobody wants to know himself. Everybody wants to know everybody else. And that is where the whole problem is. Man is not born with problems. Man creates his own problems.

If every human being on this earth only wants to know himself, there will not be any problems. I know my limitations. I know my excesses. I know my beauty. I know my dullness. There cannot be a chance of creating a clash. But the reality is we fly from our nest without knowing our destination. When the bird comes out of the nest without knowing the strength of his wings, that creates problems.  If every human being on this earth only wants to know himself, there will not be any problems.

Life plays with you again and again. You play with life again and again. Simply, you don’t let go of things. You lose the flexibility. Rigidity means no life.  When you are dead, you become rigid. But when you have spirit, you are flowing. You are flexible. You are beautiful. Then you are, you are. That is the height of the ecstasy of consciousness. Just practice living it. Justifications, arguments and all those things don’t work.

Once Nehru said something beautiful. He was a philosopher and he was a prime minister. There was a lot of trouble in the government. All he wrote down was one thing. He said, “I am not interested in the excuses for the delay. I am interested in the work being done.” He got out of the whole problem.  He said, “Why should I start investigating why the delay happened and who did it? It will waste all my energy. I am not interested in that.”

Who is right and who is wrong? Don’t get into that problem. See that you don’t place any burden on yourself. Live light. Don’t put the weight of karma on you. Let your impulse always be shining, adjusting and calling.  Don’t become uptight and don’t put up any blocks. To put blocks against your own vibration is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Whosoever will do this to oneself shall never find the Self. The Light of God shall always show you the way. It’s a very simple and very honest way of living on the earth.

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