Sat Naam – Part 2 of the Mool Mantra


Sat Naam

And this Spirit Within me Is my True Identity.

Excerpt from Siri Singh Sahib Ji – “Self Healing & Knowing the Self”, August 7, 1974

“The reality is that nobody knows, everybody imagines. When imagination becomes the known experience, it is known as duality or maya. When experience becomes knowledge, it becomes reality, the Truth, the Sat. Those who understand ‘Sat’ are able to relate to ‘Sat.’ When you love somebody, what do you do? Don’t you call his name, or her name, all the time? When you love somebody, you like to call the name of that person. If you love the truth, then you will call ‘Sat Nam.’ You become identified. And when you say ‘Sat Nam,’ everybody knows you are a ‘Sat Namer.’ You become identified. And when you say ‘Sat Nam,’ it means you are Truth.”

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