Celestial Communication for Deep Relaxation

Excerpt from KRI’s Vitality and Stress Manual as shared by 3HO.

“Celestial Communication is a body-motivated language that totally relaxes your brain waves.” ~Yogi Bhajan

One of the most powerful things we can do to reclaim our body, reintegrate our brain, and relax the inner stress which erodes our sense of self-effectiveness and hope is Celestial Communication. Celestial Communication is the body, mind and spirit authentically telling a sacred story, a story of soul, a story of victory and a story of love.

Celestial Communication brings something to the human experience that is accessible to everyone.  The technology of Celestial Communication brings music and meditative body language together.

“I want to show you how much pranic energy you can feel in the heart center. I know this works. You have to use the body and the being as the instrument of the music. And sing with your tongue. Then you can create a vibratory effect.

Try to understand the basic meaning of what you do with Celestial Communication. The word is ‘kirtan.’ ‘Kir’ means ‘the hand’; ‘tan’ means ‘the body.’ When the hands and body meet, then internal music is created.

Let your body become the instrument. And pavan, the prana, becomes your projection and feelings. Celestial Communication is extremely effective in every part of your being.”
-Yogi Bhajan, January 10, 1989

It is an attitude and technique that transforms movement to communication, and communication to Celestial Communication, and stress to renewed vitality.

When you master Celestial Communication, all the feelings of stress and trauma are filtered through a somatic story and transform into new and meaningful insights and understanding.

The power and possibility of this process is in our bones—ancient tribes gathering and telling stories with body language, music, sacred sound and ceremonial movements. Expressing, awakening, healing and connecting with a sangat—a community—is an ancient and time-tested prescription for wholeness.

Yogi Bhajan described the process this way:

“We have transformed our songs into the strength of communication with the Celestial Communication technique, which is our gift to this world. It relaxes the tense parts of the brain through the nerve connections in the tips of the fingers, which are the main active parts, and the meridians. Because the fingers move with the flow of prana to communicate, this otherwise stressed ‘cantaloupe’ becomes a human brain.

The tension in the neural patterns is relieved into a relaxed pattern of its own originality. It is a very fantastic release. Physical relaxation is not as important as the systematic relaxation of nerves and self are. That’s why the Celestial Communication system will work wonders with all people, from all religions and places. It is a methodology which gives you a tremendous amount of relief in your inner being.” ~October 7, 1985

“Celestial Communication is the greatest wonder food for healing the body, mental intelligence, and creativity, and to uplift the soul and increase the inflow of spirit. It is very simple, very authentic, most ancient, and at the same time, an absolutely super modern way of making the dumbest, the dullest and the most boring person very creative, productive, and intelligent.

It sharpens every part of the activity of the brain. This affects the physical body equally. The physical body has to create a harmony with the musical essence and the creative neuron command without losing time. Therefore, it creates the mental equivalent of timelessness and brings that into full play. In that way your automatic intuition wakes up. It’s a very automatic system.” ~June 9, 1987

So if we combine a few of these elements together—movement, music, mudra—we can command the brain to reach its highest level of functioning, where the physical sense of movement, the connection to intention and action, the flow of thoughts, and the mind’s meditative attention all join as one.

Repeated emotions and flashes of memory steal away our mental and emotional energy, our prana, from the present reality. In this practice, as you give your mind and your body to the conscious music, the music gives you back to your Self—simple, joyous and creative.

How to Create Your Own Celestial Communication

Most of our kriyas are very structured in order to achieve precise effects. Celestial Communication has a structure as well, but it emerges from your sensitivity and creativity. The structure is in the alignment of the body with the mind and feelings, the synchronization of time, and the experience of space with the music or mantra.

Celestial Communication is a meditative experience no matter what music is used, but Yogi Bhajan loved to use the Shabad Guru and mantras or other uplifting songs. Celestial Communication is movement with the upper body only, affecting the heart, upper chakras and the aura.It combines the Heart Center plus the flourishing emotions and a great variety of structured movements working together to transform your experience of your Self and the world.

But the goal is to embody and free your original Self—to be true to all of the emotions—happy, sad, surprising, mirthful, or poignant—in your entire being.

Here’s a list for everything you need in order to have a great experience with Celestial Communication:

  • Pick music you can sing with
  • Move in rhythm
  • Be sure the sounds are uplifting and positive
  • Put your heart into it
  • Intend to have an impact with each movement and phrase
  • Use the hands and fingers precisely and consciously
  • Be aware of your body within each movement

To regain your complete body mandala after acute stress and trauma:

> Move opposite sides of the body and then bring them together or toward the center

> Vary movements in polarities: forward and back, left and right, up and down; circles and straight, close and far.

> Use different movement speeds when it fits the rhythm: quick, slow, smooth, and syncopated. Be sure each movement and sequence is intentional; project it out toward someone.

This last point is the key to success. It is a link of intention, motivation, feeling and movement, “body motivated language.” You do not just drift along on a feeling, you become it, project it, and let it shape your flow.

“Celestial Communication is a body-motivated language combined with you speaking and talking. It totally relaxes your brain waves.” ~Yogi Bhajan, October 7, 1985

“This is the first language a human has to learn. If you cannot express physically what you want to say, you can’t make a dent in the psyche of another person. You understand that? It is a body language. This is a Celestial Communication system in which body, self, the word, the rhythm, the permutations of sound, the combinations of movement, and the harmonies are created for getting the neurons in the brain out of fatigue. It is a brain exercise.” ~Yogi Bhajan, June 9, 1987

Read more about Celestial Communication.

Here is a beautiful example of Celestial Communication. Try it out and experience a deep healing state of relaxation.

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