Emotionally Healing Your Back

Kundalini Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and actively listening to your body can guide how we heal the back. Focusing our awareness on our inner knowing can help us align the intelligence of our body with our intuition. With this guidance we are able to best make choices for our bodies.


Yogi Bhajan teaching Yoga to students in Toronto in June, 1972

Stress and the Spine

The spine must move, you must be like a jumping bean. Spine must adjust, vertebras must release their tension.

Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi BhajanAugust 24,1994

Stress, tension, and emotional pressure can be the unseen source of back-pain. When the body experiences stress, it releases hormones as a reaction. Foremost is adrenaline, the hormone associated with the “fight or flight” response that harkens back to our more primitive past.

Adrenaline can cause our spine to tense and spasm, and create what we experience as back-pain and headache. While eliminating stress in our lives is generally impractical, it is always a good idea to work towards reducing tension and taking steps to counteract the effects on our spine, such as the affirmations given for the neck, middle back, and lower back.

The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan taught that diet, meditation, yoga, and dietary supplements are all beneficial in reducing stress.

In this meditation on Stress Relief and Clearing Emotions from the Past  he taught a wonderful way to release stress and emotions that may be blocking us (literally or figuratively) from moving forward in life. This meditation is especially useful for dealing with stressful relationships and with past family issues. It addresses phobias, fears, and neuroses. It can remove unsettling thoughts from the past that surface into the present. It can take difficult situations in the present and release them into the Hands of Infinity.

Other Kriyas to support stress reduction can be found on The Library of Teachings Kriya database:

Nirvair Singh Khalsa compiled an extensive resource of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings surrounding back health in his book Heal Your Back Now! Available for purchase through KRI. 

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