Healing Your Neck

Most of us have all suffered from neck pain, and the resulting headaches, at one time or another. There are many serious medical reasons for neck pain, such as disc compression, car accidents, arthritis, teeth grinding, and tumors. If your pain is severe or chronic, please seek medical attention immediately.

However, moderate neck pain can also be the result of poor posture, repetitive motion, bad pillows, or carrying a heavy shoulder bag. Tension, as a result of work-pressure or personal emotional stress, can also imbalance the vertebrae of the neck causing sensitivity and pain. This type of discomfort can be addressed with good habits and a dose of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

On an emotional level, neck pain can mean that you are being confronted with a situation or someone whose ideas are at odds with your sense of reality, literally someone or something that is a “pain in the neck.” Our sense of reality of “what is” is a paradigm that was created for us at a very young age, during our childhood years, which can lock our perspective as adults and affect our world-view.

The flexibility that is required to navigate through this modern era requires us to unlock our perspective and increase our tolerance and acceptance of our surroundings. By clearly seeing and accepting “what is,” we are more in tune with our environment and can more effectively serve the times.

“The entire purpose of spirituality is to develop tolerance…The highest virtue of spirituality of consciousness, of godliness, or of sainthood is tolerance. And tolerance cannot live alone, it has to have two sisters with it – one is kindness and one is patience. Tolerance, kindness, and patience are the keywords for happiness. How great you are [is measured by] how much you can tolerate, what is your bearing capacity, how much you can love an enemy.” – Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi BhajanNovember 8, 1987

Healing the Neck: Developing our Higher Self

“Higher self is with the lower self of the other person you deal with. Because that is your challenge . . . anytime want to know what is a higher self, it is the lower self of the other side. If you can uplift the other side, [their] lower self to the level of your higher self, then you know higher self, it’s called forklift. – Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, April 16, 1981

An imbalance in the neck area can indicate that a connection with our higher-self, our soul, needs to be consciously pursued and strengthened. You can become very balanced and relieve pain in vertebrae C:1-5 by making and maintaining this connection through tolerance, kindness, and patience.

This yoga set – Bodily Adjustment and Lymph Cleansing – will adjust the neck and clean out toxins from the lymph system, increasing your emotional flexibility. This series will elevate you to a level of consciousness where you can appreciate the inflow of new energy and support your connection to your higher-self.

These affirmations for the vertebrae in the neck are beautiful and uplifting. They can be used at any time, not just when pain and tension have created an imbalance. Here is a summary of the affirmations to support the neck:









































C:1 I trust my soul. I am naturally gifted and accomplished. I accept myself and my successes.

C:2 My soul allows me to grow. The world is enhanced by my sharing. I can share my wisdom with the world safely. I can speak my mind safely. The world needs my knowledge.

C:3 My soul creates good decisions for me. I am self responsible and free to be myself. I create in joy.

C:4 My soul allows me to share my understanding with ease. My greatest gift is my understanding. I feel free to express myself. My emotional response to things is an accurate reading of what’s happening.

C:5 My soul is good. I recognize what I know and I recognize that I know. I accept and trust my intuition.

C:6 My soul allows me to release all resistance. I lovingly care for myself.

C:7 My soul allows me to reach out to others with love. I am now experiencing life in which everything makes sense. I am surrounded with God’s love and abundance. I have a right to be me.

Nirvair Singh Khalsa compiled an extensive resource of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings surrounding back health in his book Heal Your Back Now! Available for purchase through KRI. 

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