Fundraising Campaign: Oxygen to Save Lives

The Sangat in India needs our help.  The situation is dire.  The time is now to save lives!

So far we have raised $31,336 of our $100,000 goal.  Wahe Guru!

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With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India is experiencing the world’s worst outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. New cases surge past 400,000 per day, breaking the global records. On the ground, this means tragedy and hardship for the people in India. It is not uncommon for families to drive from clinic to clinic, frantically searching for available ICU beds. Hospitals have run out of basic medical supplies, with many patients dying due to oxygen shortages.

Sikhs in all corners are stepping up in service to humanity.

Sikh Dharma International, together with Raj Khalsa Gurdwara of Virginia and Miri Piri Academy of Amritsar, calls on people everywhere to join together in supplying medical support for India.

Funds collected through this fundraiser will be used for the purchase and import of oxygen concentrators, a machine that compresses medical grade oxygen from ambient air. These oxygen concentrators will be distributed to the people of Amritsar through Miri Piri Academy and to the underprivileged Sikligar Sikhs of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh through A Little Happiness Foundation.  The fundraising will also support the on-going langar initiative at Miri Piri Academy, where food is packaged and delivered daily to local families in need.

Sikh Dharma’s goal is to raise $100,000, which will fund 40 oxygen concentrators and related supplies, and support the langar initiative for the rest of this year. The oxygen concentrators will be managed and maintained by our local Miri Piri Academy staff in Amritsar, moving from one household to the next as required.

“The need has never been greater to give,” said Kulbir Singh, son of Yogi Bhajan. “As we start to relax our personal pandemic awareness, remember that India is still in the worst phase of this tragic disease. Give a little, or give a lot, but give for the sake of all humanity.”

Click Here to Donate via GoFundMe

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