This information is excerpted from the book “Dying into Life: The Yoga of Death, Loss and Transformation” by Dr. Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa 

A ghost is a soul in the subtle body that cannot cross the electro-magnetic field of the earth. Each soul has 13-17 days to cross it, and until it does, the soul is earthbound.

All souls are given the opportunity to have a spiritual teacher in life, but some are not receptive to this guidance. In such cases, these souls do not have a spiritual teacher or guides to help them cross over. They have not trained their mind to go for Infinity and instead desire earth. Some souls don’t leave the physical body at all and hover over the body, which is what can be found in graveyards; but such souls will hover around any place where they were not able to break their attachments.

It can be a terrible curse, because the ghost has all the feelings of the human but has no physical form to express it. There is no satisfaction.

Sometimes these souls can be released through the prayers of earthly beings.

Such was the case one summer, at the Solstice Sadhana Yoga Intensive in New Mexico. Yogi Bhajan was leading about a thousand of us in blissful and powerful chanting. After chanting for at least 31 minutes, the weather turned into a dramatic show of nature, with roaring winds, thunderous lightening and hail the size of chickpeas.

Yogi Bhajan said that he wished we had his eyes to see what was going on above us. Our ancestors, who had been trapped in the earth-bound circuit for thousands, millions and zillions of years, were all seeking liberation.

It was an amazing sight to see. It was a wonder of God. That is why, this time, when we prayed: ‘Leg God speak to us!’ we heard a huge thunder. God poured us mercy, not because we were very wonderful human beings, but because those thousands and hundreds of thousands of souls got relieved and released. That’s called yaagnaa . . .

Yogi Bhajan 


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