The Divine Grinding Process at the Time of Death

This information is excerpted from the book “Dying into Life: The Yoga of Death, Loss and Transformation” by Dr. Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa 

In the coma of death, we will go through a thirty second to three-minute process called “divine grinding.” It is a very short period of time in earthly time. In our experience, it will not seem short.

In the first ten seconds to one minute, we will review our life. In the second ten seconds to one minute, we must meditate on Infinity. In the last ten seconds to one minute, the pranic body leaves the physical body.

This is a very revealing, and for some a painful process, because we will be confronted with the naked truth about ourselves; all of our actions and interactions, feelings, neurosis and relationships . . . how these actions impacted on others and their feelings and reactions.

All of this will be reflected to us, as though looking at a movie about our life, except that we are not detached watchers. We feel everything deeply.

Our mind truthfully reviews our movie and makes the judgment. For this reason, it is critical during the next ten seconds to one minute, that we connect to our Divine Infinity. We can accomplish this by repeating a pran sutra, a mantra, which will give us the experience of uniting with the One. Chanting them in life will prepare us to automatically chant them in death and thus assist us in an easier death passage.

If we assess from our consciousness that there is more to be done, learned and cleared, we will be sent to the next reincarnation. If we can develop a consciousness of blamelessness and forgiveness in life, then at the time of death, we will automatically merge our consciousness with God and be freed.

The Meditation to Conquer Self-Animosity is a wonderful practice to develop our capacity for self-forgiveness.

It is important to restate that rebirth is not a punishment. It is all just a process. When this evaluation process is completed, the job of the mental bodies is over.

In the last ten seconds to one minute, our breath leaves the physical body. Normally in life we breathe predominantly through one nostril or the other at any given time. At the time of death, we must breathe through both nostrils equally at the same time. Breath needs to be neutral; ida and pingala both have to work equally together.

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