God Who Rotates the Earth Can Take Care of Your Routine

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Excerpted from a lecture given on September 21, 1991, in New York, NY, U.S.A. by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Now you who are in search of God, you are made with ten trillion cells, ten trillion cells, that’s what your body is, doesn’t matter what your height is or how height you are, how much poundage you have. Your constitution basically is on five elements and ten trillion cells, each cell lives by three elements, electron, neutron, protons. So thirty trillion Gods dance in you all the time.

Now, what the hell is going on with thirty trillion God within us, we are finding a God, what happened is, religion was a necessity, it was a way of life to find God, to find self within us. What we started doing is, finding outside. So whatever you are going to find outside, you are not going to find anything. Because in the beginning there is nothing but you, in the middle there is nothing but you, in the end there is nothing but you.

God made you, you didn’t make yourself. So having any misunderstanding that you are you is the greatest weakness for you. God who rotates the Earth can take care of your routine, if you let it be.

God is a totality, a reality and individuality. You are willing to understand, it’s a totality, it is a reality but you do not understand, it is individuality.

If you do not see God in all, you do not see God at all.

You have to decide it, I can’t decide it for you, neither I have come here to decide it for you but all I know is, the spirit of the soul is dormant. If the dormant spirit is awakened, self is achieved. If self is achieved man is positive . . .

God’s Earth, God’s Earth planet and God has a plan and God will work it out . . .

Have you told each other, I am divine, I am a living truth, I am kind, compassionate, merciful, I live in the wonder of God? Have you ever said so? What do you know about God? Nothing. God is your public relation. It feels good to talk about God. Actually, when you talk about God, you talk about self because you don’t love yourself, therefore, you don’t talk about God. God is nothing else but you. You are not going to find God from anywhere, doesn’t matter what you try, you are going to find God inside you . . .

Pratyahar is a science of synchronization from totality to zero, and then it is from zero to Infinity. You understand that? So there is a moment in your life when you meditate, when you vibrate and that is within yourself and that’s for yourself, that’s not for anybody. If you do not know to vibrate within yourself, for yourself, you shall never know how to live happy . . .  It’s a part of pratyahar, first you synchronize yourself, bring yourself to zero, then you know you can expand to Infinity. Do you understand?

. . . Shuniya means bringing the balance body to zero, and that’s a part of pratyahar, and if you do not know how to bring yourself to zero, you must understand you will never know how to go yourself to a thousand. If you do not know at time to reverse the gear, you also do not know how to advance the gears. Life is based on gears, his transmission, which is a secret to success and that’s a reality of life. When you need to go advance you should be in a position to go advance, when you need to go reverse, you should be in a position to go reverse.

Whether you go advance or you go reverse that is important, but the most important thing is, you must come to park, you must come to zero and this thing in your life that in the transition of going forward or backward, you do not know how to bring yourself to zero, causes, stress, tension, nervous blow down, black out and anything you want. It is necessary for you to go forward but sometime it is necessary for you to go backward, that is fine, that’s within the rules, that’s not wrong. It’s necessary for you to act, it’s necessary for you to react, but also it is essential for you to come being stand still.

Contain yourself, don’t act and react, come to zero, come to shuniya, come to neutral . . .

Give God a chance. Where there is a I, there is never a Thou, where there is a Thou, there is not an I, where there is a love, there is no question, where there is a question, there is no love. Trust the God in you, God shall come through, God is everywhere, God is all, even in a small thing . . .

Remember God is three letters, G-Generate, O-Organize, D-Deliver yourself or Destroy yourself, that is your choice, that’s your freewill . . .

Every individual right or wrong, good or bad has a mission, every mission has a magnitude and every magnitude or mission requires manners and attitude, you can desire something and you can deserve something but if you don’t know the attitude and the manners to accomplish it, or maintain it, you won’t have it . . .

We who are by the will of God must learn to live by the will of God. We have not even designed our nose, how can we design our day? You do not know, why you have blue eyes and why I have brown eyes, I don’t know . . . What do you want to know? You are here by the will of God, learn to live by the will of God and the will of God is let it be and that’s what said Nanak, the whole world stood against him, he stood alone against the whole world. He stood by the word of God. He said,

‘Hukam rajaa-ee chalnaa naanak likhi-aa naal.’

He said, “By the will of God, it’s written in your destiny, it will bring you all happiness, if anything else you bring in you will bring trouble.”

Lord God the Creator create in us the peace, tranquility, harmony, put all our pieces together, so that we can live our inner peace, share peace with others. Give us the strength to bring peace to the Mother Earth and to stop ruining it forever in our own generations. Lord God you gave us beautiful Mother Earth, heavenly fathers and in that protection you created us in Thy own imagine.

Give us the realization, the reality, the tranquility, the peace to absorb it, observe it and enjoy it. Make our day under Thy command, under Thy will. May we live in Thy name, in Thy light, in Thy self. Give us the strength of love, love, love, give us the time and space to live in that love, help us to be the most loving, dynamic and pure people. So we can understand Thy power through our purity and our victory through Thy grace. Sat Nam.


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