Guru Ram Das and the Royal Throne of Raj Yoga


Guru Ram Das was the Fourth Sikh Guru, and a man of infinite compassion and service, whose very presence could heal.  In addition, he was the King of Raj Yoga, having been given that throne for perpetuity.

What is Raaj Yoga?

“Raaj Yog is that state in which you are a king of earth and heaven, both, and that is what Sikh Dharma is. That is the yoga of chardi kala, and that is what Kundalini Yoga is. And that is what Tantra Yoga is…Raaj Yog is the basic philosophy, mentality and the dimension in which the mind and the dimension of the mind unite to achieve sovereignty of Godhood.”  -Siri Singh Sahib, July 20, 1980

How did the Throne of Raaj Yoga Come to Guru Ram Das?

“After Lord Krishna, the takhat (throne) of Raaj Yog was empty. After Lord Krishna it was given to Guru Ram Das. That is why in Gurbani it is said:

Raaj jog takhat Deean Gur Ram Das.  [The throne of Raaj Yog was given to Guru Ram Das]

..That manifestation of Guru Ram Das as a Raaj Yogi in personality, in practice, and in reality, in the very essence of his being, was sermonized in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. There is an exact science, there is an exact technology, there is an exact knowledge in which an individual finite little man who is nothing–he doesn’t even know whether or not he’ll get up in the morning or whether the praanaas of life will come to him–that individual can manifest Almighty God in the essence he wants, or in the essence she wants. This is the great knowledge which is in existence.  You cannot eliminate wars; you cannot eliminate the destruction of humanity. The only way we can grow is by practicing the Shabad, by mastery of the Shabad.”  – Siri Singh Sahib, August 13, 1978

Practice this Shabad for Raaj Yog Consciousness

This shabad gives you the majesty of the self and the grace of the surroundings. It unites body, mind and soul. It gives one the power of mastery over wealth.  A Raj Yogi lives like a king outside and a total Yogi inside.


Listen to this shabad by Pritpal Singh

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