Guru’s Grace


Beads of Truth, Winter 1983 #12
by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

There was once a teacher who taught about thirty or forty people. They had all qualified and so one day he told them he was to give them Guru’s blessing.

So he brought them into the city and he let them see everything and they freaked out. In other words, he wanted to change their consciousness for awhile. So they had ice cream and cookies and whatever they could want. And then one day he rented a suite on the thirtieth story of one building. Then one-by-one he asked them to come into one room.

When they entered that room, he would ask them if they felt that they had learned from him and whether they were prepared to demonstrate that they had sufficiently understood. When the student replied that he had learned, then he further asked:

“Do you think that according to what I have taught you, you can obey me?”

The first student replied: “Yes sir.”

“Then jump out of that window.”

Now everybody knew they they had come up by elevator and they were on the thirtieth floor. So how can he jump out of that window?

He said: “That window? Sir, I’ll die!”

Teacher said: “All right, don’t die, go into that room.” So everybody had the same situation and the same request. All of them ended up in that room. And when they went in that room, they looked out the window and they were shocked to see that out of that window there was a platform on which there was a net to catch the per­son. So they were shocked and cursing themselves that they hadn’t done it.

Finally, the last student came, and the teacher asked him: “Did I teach you? Do you understand the world and can you do what I say?”

Student replied: “Yes sir.”

And he went straight out and was caught by that net and he was all right. He just laughed. Then that net had an automatic system which just put him into that room where all the others had gone.

So Guru doesn’t discriminate.

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