Hail Guru Ram Das and Heal the World


Excerpt from a lecture given by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on October 16, 1989

Today, we have assembled to celebrate the Divine Essence of Guru Ram Das. Not only are we blessed that we have walked on this path, but we are blessed that we have realized it as human beings. I am not talking about politics. I am not talking about virtues. I am not talking about those who have every possession in the world, yet they are very empty inside. I am not talking about those personal people who think they have reached God, and God is in the palm of their hands. I am not talking of those who sell God and I am not talking of those who compromise spirituality because of the pressure. I am talking about the essence of that dignity and divinity which Guru Ram Das represents.

I was talking to somebody on the telephone today. She said, “I brought a dish and a wish on the day of Guru Ram Das’s birthday. My wish didn’t happen. Should I bring the dish and wish again today?”  I said, “It did happen.” She asked, “How do you know? You don’t know the wish of anybody. You don’t know what dish I took there.”

I said, “There’s nothing to worry about. You took a few pizzas and put them before Guru Ram Das. And you wished that your boyfriend would come through. In seven days, he totally left you.”

She said, “How do you know?”

I said, “No – you have questioned it. Now I have to tell you. It is not a question. If you had not asked, I might have let it pass. But now you have challenged the status. Therefore I have to tell you, the status is true.

“You brought a few pizzas and you came on that day. You wished your boyfriend would come through. Is that true or not? First, tell me that.” She said, “Yes, that’s true.” “Then, within one week he left. He said goodbye to you forever.” She said, “That’s true, too.”

I said, “Now tell me, are you lucky or unlucky?” She said, “I am lucky.”

I said, “Look. Guru worked. Now you want the Guru to work YOUR way. That is not the problem. That is not the question. You asked the Guru a question. ‘Fulfill my wish.’ How can he fulfill it in a wrong way? He filled it perfectly. And you can never be sorry for it.”

She said, “I never understood it.” I said, “That is the Western difficulty. It has nothing to do with the East. You want it the way YOU want it. But on the other hand, your aggressiveness, your faith, your desire shall make it prevail.”

Guru-Ram-Das-stained-glassI understand that you want certain things. I know everybody wants certain things. It’s not wrong to want certain things. But when you want something and God and Guru adjusts it, then you have to accept it. That is the beauty of the man.

The difference between the animal and the man is very simple. When a man desires something, his state of ecstasy in micro-consciousness to macro-consciousness to his magnetic field has the projection of that attraction. But under no circumstances is it finalized because the entire Divinity in Its own projection correlates to it. When an animal desires something, it is one-pointed. Either it gets it or it does not.

The world shall come to an understanding. When we, a handful of Sikhs, reach into ourselves and experience the purity and piety; when we will have the dignity and divinity; when we’ll have the essence of one single line: Ang Sang Wahe Guru; when we will understand in all the realms of our tattwas, in our chakras, in our gunas, in our being, in our projections, in our rejections, in our pain, in our pleasure, in our richness; when in all that – we ALWAYS reach for Guru Ram Das, then there’s nothing we should worry about. Our affairs will be adjusted.

Siri Ram Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur went to Malaysia to do kirtan. They asked, “What should we do?” I said, “Nothing. If people ask something, some of you should say, ‘Wahe Guru’ and the others should just sprinkle some water and say, ‘Guru Ram Das bless you.’ See what happens.” It was unbelievable what happened.

Today, let us hail Guru Ram Das and let us heal the world of physical, mental and spiritual sickness. It is up to you. This is your karma. This is your dharma: that you go wherever you go and spread the glory of your Guru. Spread out. Heal people. Lift them. Elevate them. And when they thank you, humbly thank them for giving you a chance so Guru Ram Das could come through.

Go and say, “Guru Ram Das bless you.” Leave it there. Trust. See for yourself. Count your blessings,  not your weaknesses. Count your trust and see the thrust of your God’s trust. Bad and good as we are, we belong to him. Have no condition because he accepted you without condition. Therefore glorify and serve him without condition. Spread out in the world, wherever you are. Whether you are in Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, whether you are in any part of Europe – right from Oslo onwards. Now is the time to heal the world at large by hailing Guru Ram Das.

Trust your Guru. Trust your God. It is in you. That’s what Guru Ram Das totally stands for. Look at you. In Argentina, in Brazil, in Chile, in Europe. You are in all these countries. You are everywhere. You are not going to stop. God doesn’t want you to stop. Keep going and have trust. Give Guru Ram Das a chance to come through you. The world is suffering. The world needs to be healed. The world needs help. The world needs the word of the Guru.

Meditate on Dhan dhan Ram Das Gur jin siriaa tinai savariaa. Pooree hoee karaamaat aap siri jan hare dhaariaa.” It is the House of Miracles. It will happen. Don’t boast. You are the channel. Therefore you must face the challenge.

Let Guru work. It’s not our problem. Let Guru come through. Guru is samarath. Guru is partakh. Guru is perfect. Guru is competent.  Guru is infinite. Guru is the ultimate anchor of ours. Let us call on the Guru and let us go through the storm that the world is going through.

You are destined to be that. Don’t give distance to your destiny. Don’t count your weaknesses. Count your strengths and see the miracle yourself. You don’t need a witness. You don’t need somebody to prove it to you. You don’t need convincing, so don’t ask for it. Just go in his name and feel him in your heart. You may not know prayers, you may not know ardas, but just say, “Guru Ram Das – please! I don’t know what is going on, but could you do something?” Walk simple, straight and with a smile, and Guru shall come through.

We have a job to do. We have years ahead of us where your doors will be knocked upon, where people shall come to you. They’ll ask you weird questions. Don’t discuss anything. Touch them in the name of your own great Guru. Feel them in the name of your own great Guru. Serve them in the name of your great Guru. And let Guru take the rest.

It is not that you should go and provoke the situation. The situation all over the world is already very provocative. There’s no peace of mind. There’s no peace of heart with people. There’s nothing happening. Again and again, it is the same story of suffering.

That’s the real seva. That’s the real simran. That you put your bana on, take the bani of the Guru and in the name of the Guru, heal people in all walks of life.

If you are a Christian, do it as a Christian. If you are a Jew, do it as a Jew. Guru Ram Das doesn’t differentiate. You all belong to God. There are a lot of people in a lot of faiths, a lot of walks of life who need your touch. They just need you. They need your vibration. They feel good when you talk to them and you are around them. Please do not deny it to anyone.

Hail Guru Ram Das and heal people. That’s the last word you should hear from me and it should resound in your ears, in your heart and in your head. There’s nothing more to it. Don’t try to talk too much and debate things. It won’t work. Become Nirgun. Let Sirgun work through you. Give it a chance.

May your wishes all be granted in the channels of the justice of God. May your life become graceful in the dignity of the Guru. May your personality represent the totality of the Guru’s teachings. And may you have the strength, power and courage to go out and touch everybody without discrimination, in the name of the Guru and heal people.

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