What Happens When We Chant the Shabad?


Excerpt from a lecture on September 17, 1976 by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

“There are eighty-four meridian points on the upper palate of every human being. The ling is the tongue, and when you read the Siri Guru Granth the tongue rotates on those meridian points making the thalamus to secrete, giving a ecstasy of consciousness to the man who reads it. What a human cannot do and what a human can take years to do, a vibration intact and applied in Siri Guru Granth can change the entire Kosha, entire self of any individual and this was what people never understood so far. That’s why you seek Gurus. It is a human fakeness that if there is somebody spiritual they bow to him, they touch the feet they say, ‘oh bless me.’ Bless you for what? For a more dust? So that you can put little few pounds in your mouth more? Sikh religion is not a religion of this place, it is here and hereafter. And that is what the Siri Guru Granth can give a person that is equilibrium of mind. And it is the highest union, now let us read the first few sutras that is Mool Mantra.

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Now I am not going to teach you, I am going to recite it and you can pick up the recitation and perhaps you can recite exactly like that, if you cannot you can live with your recitation the way you have been taught. But question is having a wrong cut on the key, can you open the lock? That’s the fundamental question, it’s a scientific question, today is the world they don’t consider what are you and who you are. They ask explanation. They want to know why we bow to the Siri Guru Granth? Why, what is it? What is wrong with the Bible? What is wrong with the Koran? What is wrong with other holy religions? Why we have to tie seven yards of the Yarmulka on our head and keep our hair? These are the fundamental questions. People ask and a American is nothing but a mister question. He doesn’t move until he is satisfied. So scientifically we have to answer facts to prove and I’ll not go much further but I’ll go just right into a simple thing ‘Life.’ Ek Ong Kar, can you recite it please?  (Students recite the Mool Mantra, the first stanza of Japji Sahib)

Now everybody is chanting just like somebody is doing a hard labor. No, no, you do it for yourself, be selfish for today. Gurdwara is a place where we come to seek the Guru, and don’t recite this mantra as illiterates. You are human beings and without this knowledge you can be here any great, thereafter there is no place for you. This is your Mool Mantra; this will establish your root in those heavens from where you come and where you go. You are here sixty-five years average. So the Earth is a very temporary phase. So you must have to announce, you must learn to pronounce with the Pranic energy, the energy of the life, the correct mantra…”

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