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The vertebrae of the lower spine are the pivotal points for all body movements and most of us have suffered from lower back pain at one time in life. The lower back is the leverage fulcrum for strength, and it is the anchoring area for action; the balance beam for the body.

“You know, in white wheat there is absolutely nothing. It is not worth eating, because when the wheat becomes white it loses its energy, the heat. It is just a stalk. So you will be very wise [not to eat it] if you are taking care of your lower back. The lower back is responsible for prana, and the diaphragm is the servant to [the lower back]. The lower back is very important and, when the lower starts paining, God only provided you with two things [to heal it], turmeric and wheat.

After producing these two things, He forgot and went to sleep. So these are the days we should take turmeric curry – you know yogurt, onion, and turmeric. These are the things, and boiled wheat berries. We should chew them and we should not put honey on them. Just put something else on them and chew them. It will be good. It will be really good. You will like it. And at least one thing will happen – within a couple of days of eating this, your back pain will be gone. Because back pain and wheat berries do not stay together.” – Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan,November, 27, 1974


Healing the Lower Back – L:1 Through L:7

The basic sense of support and security is located in the lower vertebrae. When problems develop in this area, it may mean there is an unequal exchange of power and energy, and a sense of things being out of harmony. This results in a feeling of injustice or being overburdened and under-supported.

Symptoms of imbalance in this area of the back would include feelings of self-doubt, competence anxiety, and self-worth concerns. There is a significant need for nurturing that is being displayed when there is an imbalance in the lower back. Seeking this nurturing is important to improvement and recovery. Qualified spiritual guidance can help provide the tools needed to become secure, supported, and creative. Kundalini Yoga can help us in strengthening these physical and emotional areas.

This first Kriya is wonderful for beginning yogis, called Basic Spinal Energy Series.  The Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan said that age is measured by the flexibility of the spine: to stay young, stay flexible. This series works systematically from the base of the spine to the top. All 26 vertebrae receive stimulation, and all the chakras receive a burst of energy. This makes it a good series to do before meditation. Many people report greater mental clarity after regular practice of this kriya. A contributing factor is the increased circulation of the spinal fluid, which is crucially linked to having a good memory.

For advanced yogis, this Sat Kriya Workout will energize and balance the lower triangle, and have a positive impact on the lower back. It is curative for any digestive or sexual ailments, and will build strength in vertebrae L:1-7. The first few times you do this set, the legs may shake or feel weak, but as the muscles build you will walk with increased grace and certainty. Before attempting this set, be sure you have no major physical pain or problems that will prevent you from doing any of the exercises.

When you are locked in back pain, doing any type of movement can be out of the question. This is when we can use the mind to aid our healing. Nirvair Singh worked with Narayan Singh to create affirmations that support our inner work and heal each vertebrae of the back. These can be so soothing and healing during an episode of acute pain. It is a gift to anyone who has suffered with lower back pain. Here is a summary of the affirmations for the lower back:









































L:1 My soul creates all I need for myself. I deserve love. What I am is acceptable to God. I am secure in the company of loving and accepting friends.

L:2 My soul allows me to live in love. I am able to exceed all expectations. I find my way with ease.

L:3 My soul allows my safety. I release past regrets. I love my creative force. I am generous.

L:4 My soul allows me to love who I am. I feel safe expressing my power. I am worthy of being loved. I am clean and good and I can go for the top. I love my healthy sexuality.

L:5 My soul allows pleasure in my life. I love to enjoy my life. I am now able to receive what I deserve. The war is over.

Sacrum: My soul and creativity are beautiful. I am strong, stable and secure, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I deserve love, affection, and sexual fulfillment.

Coccyx: My soul allows balance in my life. I release and forgive the past. The universe is safe and loving. I am a beloved part of God’s creation.

Nirvair Singh Khalsa compiled an extensive resource of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings surrounding back health in his book Heal Your Back Now! Available for purchase through KRI. 

Be sure to try out the recipe for turmeric curry a.k.a. Ginger Curry by Siri Ved Kaur, author of From Vegetables with Love, to support your joints, lower back as well as your digestion!

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  1. Thank you for this valuable information! I will practice the affirmations as I balance my chakras and look into making the vegetarian turmeric curry.

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