Healing Your Middle Back

The middle back region of the body contains the heart, lungs, esophagus, and diaphragm. Everything that affects the heart is stored here. It is a very sensitively-tuned response system that contains a person’s evaluations of their intentions to act and their response to how they have acted.

Trouble in this part of the back indicates an insecurity of how the environment interacts with us. A person may say to themselves, “How will the world react to me?”

It may reflect catastrophic expectations, stored guilt over past actions, reactions, and the unconscious feeling of getting stuck in all those scenarios from the past. This leads to the “get off my back” feeling. It involves fear of going forward and being trapped in the past.

Because of the relationship to the heart center in this region of the back, you can experience wonderful healing by pursuing a path of self-love, self-reliance, and self-control. Self-love can be defined as the strength to decide, on your own, what is good for you.

Opening the heart through a balanced spiritual path that fosters loving self-reliance will help you with all the emotional issues that are related to this region of the back.

“Self-reliance is the greatest art and whosoever has self-reliance, will have self-realization. It is very important for you to understand, you are a part of God and God is a part of you.”- Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan,June 23, 1972

Healing the Middle Back – T:1 Through T:12

Self-reliance is an essential aspect of being a well-adjusted, sensory human, and this can be enhanced through Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

Yogi Bhajan taught that we need to be strong and unshakeable on our path, and this can only exist when there is a trust and self-radiance in Truth. This radiance can be blocked by fear, and with fear comes dependence. The only dependence that is acceptable is complete dependence on Guru and wisdom, because that will lead to self-reliance. If our self-reliance is strong, we are protected and those who are around us are also protected.

This Kriya for Self-Reliance provokes self-reliance in the being and energizes the body, and in that process strengthens the middle spine. Before attempting this set, be sure you have no major physical pain or problems that will prevent you from doing any of the exercises.

Heal Your Back Now! provides us with affirmations for the vertebrae of the middle spine that allows us to focus our healing energy to this specific area. The affirmations for the middle back in summary are:









































T:1 My soul allows me to be open to life. I have more than enough to handle life’s demands.

T:2 I love my soul of inner peace. I love myself. I trust myself. I love my inner tranquillity. It is safe to love.

T:3 My soul nourishes me. I forgive myself in love. I have a right to be me. I am a good person. I have a right to my feelings, positive and negative.

T:4 My soul allows life to all. I reach out with love. I reach out with forgiveness. Everybody has a right to exist.

T:5 My soul allows my life to flow. My reactions to things tell me what is real. My experience of things is truth. My body has its own wisdom.

T:6 My soul allows my life to unfold gracefully. I have faith and confidence in my future. I am secure, and my future is secure. I can advance toward knowing that what is right for me will come to me.

T:7 My soul allows sweetness to fill me. The world has become a loving and abundant place.

T:8 My soul supports me all the time. I have the right to be me. I am totally acceptable in God’s eyes. I am what I am and that’s all that I am. I am above the norm.

T:9 My soul allows my own power. The flow of life supports me. It is now safe to be me.

T:10 My soul allows me to give and receive, in love. Life really works when I take charge. Life is more fun when I do it myself!

T:11 My soul allows me to relate in love. It really works when I am me. I am bright, beautiful, strong and kind. I am appreciated by all.

T:12 My soul allows love to flow through me. The universe nourishes me and I thrive on it. I am sufficient and valuable as I am.

Nirvair Singh Khalsa compiled an extensive resource of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings surrounding back health in his book Heal Your Back Now! Available for purchase through KRI. 

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