I Am Happy Meditation for Children

By Guru’s Grace, one who has found the Lord within is happy, inwardly and outwardly.. ~ Guru Arjan Dev Ji

The following content is excerpted from the KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level I  


  1. Sit in Easy Pose.
  2. Recite the mantra “I Am Happy, I Am Good, I Am Happy, I Am Good. Sat Naam Sat Naam Sat Naam Jee Whaa-hay Guroo Whaa-hay Guroo Whaa-hay Guroo Jee”.
  3. In the rhythm of the mantra, the children shake their index fingers up and down (like their parents might sometimes do when they are reproaching the child).


Yogi Bhajan gave this meditation specifically for children to use in times when their parents are fighting and going through a crisis; to give them the experience of remaining stable and unaffected. Of course, the meditation can be done any time! Children, especially under the age of six, have a much shorter attention span than adults. All meditations with movement and variation work well. They like simple celestial communication.

Meditation images courtesy of Kundalini Mobile.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


Listen to I Am Happy by Snatam Kaur


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  1. Wonderful, i’m about to start a program for children thaïs holidays. The meditation will very useful for them. Thanks a lot.

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