I’ve Come Home to Stop Yearning…

coming home

There is a song I hear occasionally – an acapella song with these words, “I’ve come home to stop yearning” and no matter how often I hear it or in what circumstance, it never fails to touch me deeply. In all the years of studying the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) the theme that rings through to me the most is coming home to one’s self, i.e. being one with the Infinite. I think we take to our different spiritual paths because we want to come home, so we can stop yearning. In that place of being home – being within ourselves, one with our breath, in the state of mindfulness, Oneness – there is no yearning for anything outside of this experience itself. Instead there are profound feelings of fulfillment, gratitude, love, compassion.

Lately I have been finding this true for prosperity as well. In coming home to myself, in practicing deep meditation, I am more in synch with the Universe, my actions are more destined to serve, and the feelings I have are of having arrived in a place where I no longer need to yearn because everything is inherent…the steps to take, the things to do, and the rewards I reap – i.e. my prosperity.

In the Dasvandh office we provide a lot of technology. Someone recently asked if one was better than the other? No. But one person may resonate more to a particular technology and another person may resonate more towards a different one. The technology itself helps us along, through blocks and barricades, through thought patterns and through all of life’s situations, into a place of calmness, clarity, and certainty that the bounty of the Universe belongs as much to us as to anyone else.

Tithing is the technology we teach most about in the Dasvandh Office. Serving as any other technology – helping us through the same blocks and barriers, thought patterns and situations – tithing helps us understand that giving is as natural as receiving and that we are not lessened by what we give – we are enhanced. I often wonder at the particular challenge of tithing – our pocketbooks are no holier than the rest of our lives and in the same way as meditation, tithing offers us a way to come home to ourselves, to experience that prosperity is as inherent as our breath. Then we can stop yearning because we experience the falling away of doubt, we feel fulfilled, and we find we have come home to ourselves.

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