I Can’t Afford Not to…


It was so surprising the other day at a children’s birthday party to run into a Dasvandh donor who was bound and determined to thank me for the Donor Acknowledgment letter we just sent out. While I was a first pre-occupied with the clown and the balloon-animals she was making, he began telling me how he understood where some people are sometimes afraid of giving money to Infinity, but that when it came down to it, “I can’t afford not to give,” he said. How inspiring!

We are all seeking a quality of life – in our spiritual endeavors, in our financial and practical matters, in our relationships. It is easy to recoil from the thought of giving away money, “how can that be sensible?” But the greatest quality is trust. It is God who provides and when you give, you are just allowing more room for God to give back to you. You give to God, God gives back. How can you afford not to?

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