November 2014 Numerology


November: Number 11 – Sri Guru Granth Sahib – I am the Light of the Soul

The Karma of number 11 is 1 + 1 = 2. It is to be the duality.  To be ever critical. To exist through denial of existence. It is the extreme expression of spiritual naivety.

The Dharma of number 11 is 10 + 1 = 11. To exist in and through the grace of the non-existence. It is the highest expression of instinctive and innate spiritual wisdom.

11 is 10 + 1. The courage to be humble and the humility to be courageous.
Returning to rest in self. Listening to your existence you are never alone. There is always the listener and the sound of one’s self. You are in good company.
Every journey is a circle. The year comes closer to the end, the journey takes you back to the start. The pilgrimage of the year is over. And bears its fruits. Like a prophecy fulfilled. It is time to share the harvest, (thanks giving).

The 1 has created the illusion of the small individual self to provide the possibility of an actual self. a unit of consciousness that can consciously and constantly relate to the totality of consciousness. this is 11. So 11 is the mirror effect of the universal spirit. It is consciousness being conscious of itself.

10 is the totality and the ultimate zero; a gateway through which all temporary existence returns to the never-ending formless and nameless background. To know the zero is to know the essence of your 1. Knowing your 1 you will know the 10. 10 is sum of the parts. As 1 you are part of the Sum.
1 is the small which contains all (10).
The whole self is replicated in the ears, eyes, hands and feet. Down to every cell and particle.
Being 1 can seem very lonely but there is nothing more alone and singular than the 1 unit sum of totality. So being 1 is one to know the micro-version of the absolute 1.
When we refer to, speak of or otherwise remember the true and immeasurable vast 1, the sum of all, that was before, is during, and continues after all manifestation, then we live. Our own small 1 is actually brought to focus.

Gur Prasaad:
11 is an expression of the individualised soul having passed through the zero state and now living the parallel state of relation in mutuality. As if to say ‘Oh God, this light that i and others have called myself is in fact all yours.’ Gur Prasaad means to discover the light that was always the case, and to discover it within ourself. Like a hidden light that was always there in the dark. it was the Self that was illuminating the search for the self.
Gur Prasaad is the 11th hour. The small detail that changes everything in the last moment.
Gur Prasaad also reminds us that we do not reach the realisation of truth only by our own efforts. There has been a guiding stimulus in our life which has been turning the wheels of the cosmos. As the 1 beside the 0 is the master’s stick that prods, pokes and taps upon our small life, steering us towards our final destiny.

In the Sikh tradition the 11th Guru is the scripture known as the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It constantly echoes the inner truth in us and guides us back to our original nature.  Its words provide the road map and serve to clear the fog of confusion and ignorance. Each page a mirror to another facet of our infinite constitution.

11. is God and me, me and God, are one.
This is a month to return to the simple. To the basic facts, which are not many.
The theme is alignment with the 1. It is our original condition.
A mantra: Ek Ongkar Satgur Prasaad, Satgur Prasaad Ek Ongkar

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