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Compañerismo Para Toda La Humanidad

Guru Nanak, el primer Guru Sikh, tuvo una experiencia de iluminación divina. Estaba sumergido bajo las aguas del río Kali Bien por tres días. Cuando lo encontraron, su primera declaración fue, “no hay Hindú, no hay Musulmán”. Al principio esta declaración puede parecer confusa, pero expresa una idea que se volvió el fundamento de todos
Artist:  Sewa Singh Khalsa

Recognize Your Infinity

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji Excerpt from video lecture Recognize Your Infinity. June 6, 1990 In the Sikh religion, the very aspect that we have the Akal Takht does what?  It takes us from Infinity to Infinity. It gives us a combination, a jurisdiction

Turning Loneliness to Oneness

The subject I am going to touch today in the religious realms of Sikh Dharma is called “loneliness.” And I hope that you will gain from it. When you challenge the natural phenomena of life, you create duality and chaos, and the outcome of duality and chaos is misery, pain, disease and nonsense. Even

Meditation – The Way to God

Sometimes we feel our lives are normal. We make money, we have children, we are very happy. Then why meditate? Well, basically a man as a human being has no defense mechanism except a meditative mind. You have to be intuitive. You don’t have claws, you don’t have hooves, you can’t protect yourself. Cause will
Guru_Nanak_with_Hindu_holymen-from old SDI website