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Mul mantra – Karta Purkh – Creator Being –  Guru Arjun

Lets put Karta Purkh in it context. Sat Naam Karta Purkh.
The True Name is the Creator Being.
The Creator Being is the True Holy Naam which is present in all creation.

Thankfully the term ‘Karta’ is close to the term Creator.
So it is not difficult to relate to, and appreciate.
Purkh is usually translated as Being.
However it is a multidimensional expression which requires deeper reflection.
Here is just a brief dip into it.
“Pur” can mean pure or perfect which is the nature of our True Being.
“Kh” implies prevalent, pervasive.

Pur also means a place or village.
The creation (on macro and micro scales), which also implies the Physical Body. is the village of the Creator, and the Creator does reside in the village. It is the Being in the body village created by the Creator. The human experience is to feel the presence of the Being in its incarnated state.

Note: The Physical Body is one of the 10 Spiritual Bodies. In other words it is a body for the Spirit. The Spirit is the Being. If we do not know and experience the physical body in this way then it is just the body of an animal.

Karta Purkh represents the ‘Word becoming flesh’. Hence the association with the 5th Spiritual Body and the 5th Guru. Guru Arjun’s name means white, clear, pure as well as scribe. He spent many months collecting and collating Shabds, sacred hymns, of many bhagats, devotees. And selected those that were in line with the vibration of Guru Naanak. Guru Arjun is also the largest contributor of Shabds to what finally became the written Guru of the Sikhs. Given his role as mediator of the message we can say the consciousness and vibration that Guru Arjun represents is therefore pervasive through the whole of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. And to maintain that vibration he gave his life. Guru Arjun sacrificed himself to become the pen, the ink and the paper upon which the Word of the Guru would be written.
Guru Arjun is like the Apex of the pyramid. The 5th point from where the Creator Being radiates into the 4 directions of creation. Thanks to his sacrifice we have the Bani (hymns) of the previous 4 Gurus
Karta Purkh is the Transformative Sacrifice of the Supreme Being into creation, and of the creation as it merges again with the Supreme Being.

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