Meditation: From Womb to Birth

I offer my prayer to my True Guru; I am so foolish – please, teach me!  I am just a fool, but millions of sinners just like me have been saved.

Those who have heard, and seen Guru Nanak, do not descend into the womb of reincarnation again. ~ Guru Arjan Dev Ji

The following content is excerpted from the Lifecycles & LIfestyles Student Manual. Copyright: Kundalini Research Institute 2007.  

The first breath is special. It sets the quality and tone of the prana for your life. If this first breath is open, free and fearless, life will be projective, attractive and consciously happy . . . This meditation links you back to that first breath . . . Adjust the imprint of this first breath and every breath thereafter becomes more vital, flowing and creative.

Part One

Sit comfortably in a meditative pose. Let your breath become light and meditative. (Play the Narayan Shabad in the background if you wish.)

Imagine that you are in a deep self-hypnosis; you are just pure soul. A light guided by your spirit, God, and your teachers. You feel the pull of earth and life. You intuitively sense the life you are offered and choose it fully. You accept all its challenges and lessons, all the chances to complete karmas, all the blessings to reach and elevate others.

Then you slip into the watery world of the womb in a small body, fed by the navel point and you begin to move and sense. You are intuitively sensitive. Without words you feel and know through vibration.

Allow yourself to get into the womb of the mother. Look at the world around you. See the whole world through the skin of the belly.

With unlimited telescopic vision survey this life you will enter and the world around you. Hear all the sounds and feel the feelings of the mother like waves in the water as you float.

Now see through the eyes of the mother. Give the mother a thought: “This soul, blessed being, is coming to bless the world. This soul will be itself, supported by my prayer and by the love of the entire universe.”

Then imagine using your mental power as a mother to see the world through the child’s eyes. See what it is this child will get into. Penetrate and concentrate so the child is aware and ready to engage the world. So that with the first breath there is nothing but gratitude and trust. In that innocence the entire world will serve that child and all will come to that child like a magnet. The destiny will run to this child like a magnet.

Prepare the child with love and a vision to be ready for this world and its opportunities. Life is for a purpose. Life is to enjoy the beauty, the bounty and the bliss of the soul. When we feel this and recognize the environments we face, the environments and people serve us in our destiny.

Meditate this way, communicate to that child for 11 minutes.

Then prepare for birth as you feel the time approach.

Part Two

1. Sit erect and alert. Extend the arms forward, parallel to the ground. Make fists keeping the index finger extended. Open your mouth wide. Lock the tongue down at the base of the lower front teeth. Begin to breathe through the mouth with a long, deep, consciousness breath. Make the breath equal in and out, using the Navel Point. Pump the Navel Point in on the exhale.

Get a steady rhythm going. Reduce yourself to a point in the navel.

Gradually focus at the navel and relive the experience of birth. Keep the eyes closed. Build up to the birth and the first breath. Imagine that first breath as open, powerful, permission-giving, energizing, and flowing into every cell.

5-11 minutes.

2. Then relax your hands into your lap. Keep the eyes closed. Begin to chant, Ham dam har har har har ham dam as you pump the navel. Continue for 5 minutes.

TO END: Inhale through the nose as you guide the energy up your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. Then exhale completely. Repeat this 3-11 times. Then walk around for 5 minutes.

3. Place the left hand in front of the Heart Center. Fingers point forward parallel to the ground with the palm facing to the right. Keep the thumb extended upward. Bring the right ring and middle fingertips into the center of the left palm. The right palm will be facing the chest. The right thumb is extended and pointing up. Look down past the tip of the nose. Chant Har continuously. (Tantric Har recording can be used.) Continue up to 31 minutes.

To consolidate the effects, do this for 90 days, it will make the change consistent for the rest of your life. This will balance and open all the chakras. It moves the energy up from the navel to the heart, throat and Third Eye.Then it goes back down and circulates again. The first breath is cleared and that balanced prana is taken through all the chakras.


The two most crucial breaths you take are your first, at birth, and your last, at death. Technically speaking, you live for as long as a breath. There is no future—only the length of this breath.

The first breath is special. It sets the quality and tone of the prana for your life. If this first breath is open, free and fearless, life will be projective, attractive and consciously happy. If we come to that first breath filled with fear, internal conflicts from the mother’s projections or rejection of the world and not accepting of this birth, then we prevent ourselves from feeling the happiness in our life. It doesn’t matter how hard or easy the life will be—happiness is a birthright, like the breath. When we can embrace each moment and feel the reality of the soul and project it with a relaxed mind, we know happiness.

This meditation links you back to that first breath. It adjusts the pattern of your life force. It helps you connect to your innate ecstasy and ability to call on all of nature to give you what you need. It gives a deep security to every cell. Adjust the imprint of this first breath and every breath thereafter becomes more vital, flowing and creative.


©Copyright and Medical Disclaimer: The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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