Meditation on the Divine Mother: Adi Shakti

Adi Shakti:


Part One

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose, the hands in Gyan Mudra.

Eye Focus: Eyes are closed.

Visualization: Meditate on the Infinite energy coming from the primal womb, in an unending spiral, without beginning or end, going to Infinity. Visualize the yantra (symbolic form) in the eight-wheel form.


Part Two

With the eyes closed, cup the hands with palms 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) apart, in front of the face. Beam a mental light through them to the Infinite Light. Watch with mental eyes, through the hands, and see a beam of light going to Infinity. This is very mind-curing, and you will fall in love with it. Meditate with Long Deep Breathing.

Part Three

Mentally chant the Panj Shabd: SAA TAA NAA MAA. Go deeper into meditation. Guide your reason to go through the powerful imaginative circle  you’ve created with your hands, like a huge beam of light from a torch. Keep the hands fixed in place.


Part Four

Maintain your position and concentration. Put your mind into that Infinite Light of its own ecstasy and chant the Kundalini Bhakti Mantra.

Adi Shakti Adi Shakti Adi Shakti Na-mo Na-mo

Sarab Shakti Sarab Shakti Sarab Shakti Na-mo Na-mo

Pritham Bhagvati Pritham Bhagvati Pritham Bhagvati Na-mo Na-mo

Kunda-lini Mata Shakti Mata Shakti Na-mo Na-mo

Translation: I bow to the Primal Power. I bow to the all Encompassing Power and Energy. I bow to that through which God creates. I bow to the creative power of the kundalini, the Divine Mother Power.

Click Here to Listen to a Version of this Mantra by Nirinjan Kaur 


Time: All four parts of this meditation should be done for equal lengths of time – 11, 31, or 62 minutes each.


About this Meditation

This meditation gives concentration and mental beaming. It tunes into the frequency of the Divine Mother – the primal, protective, generating energy. It eliminates fears and fulfills desires. It empowers you to act by removing blocks and insecurity.

“Let us call on the Divine Mother, the Infinite, the Powerful. Let us talk to her. You will require a little mental imagination. If she is not with you, create it! Her yantra (symbolic form) is the two swords of God to protect you, the center of your world. These are the two-edged swords of the being – the negative and positive. This is her being, this is her presence. We have to use the faculty of our imagination on and through something. This is Infinity within us.” – Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan


Meditation images courtesy of Kundalini Mobile.

Source manual for this meditation: I Am a Woman: Creative, Sacred & Invincible 

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

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