Prayer is a Constant Motivation


Excerpt from Siri Singh Sahib Ji Lecture

“Today we cover the subject of prayer.  You know we all do prayer.  Prayer is a very old institution.  Prayer is as old as the human being is.  There are many types of prayers.  One type of the prayer is when you want to communicate with a power beyond us.  Second type of prayer is when we understand there is a power beyond us and we want to communicate to get some benefit out of it.  And then there is a type of prayer in which we want to communicate something which we think is the ultimate infinite power of the entire creation, sometimes we call it God.  And then the fourth type of prayer is when we enjoy being happy by praying.  There is nothing to ask for.  So these are the four areas of prayer.

Understand, in the spiritual world, or in the personal world, or in the relationship of social world your phenomena.  And one thing more I want to explain to you, it is not the wealth; it is not the happiness; it is not the possession; it is not the position; it is not the power; it is not the projection, which can help you to be happy.  Your happiness is based on your fundamental steadiness, what is called is your foundation.  Foundation in science is known in spiritual world as faith.

If you are a person of faith, everything is a faith to you; if you are a person of truth, everything is truth to you; if you are a person of grace, everything is grace to you.  If you understand Kundalini, all powers of prayer are based on the power of your own Kundalini in you.

Prayer is a way to purify oneself.  Prayer is a mission.  A finite can reach Infinity through the power of prayer.  And what is a curse?  Opposite to prayer is a curse.  Curse is when we make mockery of any of our prayer, or anybody’s prayer.  In the Aquarian Age, prayer is a constant motivation.”

1977 YB Teachings, LLC

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