Raja Yoga Meditation for Tapa

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This meditation was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan on June 11, 1971. 

Raja Yoga is the technique of union through mental concentration. The power of this set depends on the mental focus of the pranic energy channeled by the breath. Once the energy is raised along the silver chord (pituitary to pineal gland), the finite consciousness can fly into the sense of infinity, which is the basic need and heritage of the soul. This is why you chant Hum: we, followed by Ong: infinite creative consciousness.

1. Long Deep Breathing

Sit erect in Easy Pose or Lotus Pose.

Become aware of the breath as a divine flow of awakening energy and feel it as the pulse of life. Notice if it is mostly through the left nostril or the right nostril.

Begin long, deep and slow, powerful breaths completely linking your mind with the breath.

Continue for 3 minutes.


2. Chakra Focus Series

Focus on the First Chakra (1 min)

Focus the consciousness on the First Chakra at the rectum.

Inhale deeply and feel the breath massage the rectum and lightly contract it. Exhale and mentally feel the elimination through the rectum.

Focus on the Second Chakra (1 min)

Concentrate on the Second Chakra, the sex organs, and close off the rectum.

Inhale and draw up the sex organs, pulling the rectum and sex organs gently together.

Continue with long deep breathing.

Focus on the Third Chakra (1 min)

Concentrate on the Third Chakra, the Navel Point.

Pull up the first two centers and draw them to the Navel Point with the inhale.

Mix the breath flow at the Navel Point and exhale.

Focus on the Fourth Chakra (3 min)

Concentrate on the Fourth Chakra, the Heart Center. This is the point between the two nipples.

Pull all the lower three centers up, pulling the Diaphragm Lock: the chest is lifted and doesn’t drop with the exhale.

Breathe long and slow, deeply concentrating the breath from the base of the spine to the Heart Center.

Let the concentration and breath go higher up the spine from the Heart Center with each inhale.

Then apply the chin lock, Jalandhara Bandh: the chin is pulled back so the neck is straight.

Press the eyes up and back and focus at the pineal gland. This pathway becomes energized like a shining rod.

To End:

Inhale, exhale, and hold the breath out. Inhale and relax the breath.


3. Vibrate the Belly

Pull all the locks and deeply inhale. Hold the breath and vibrate the belly in and out 5 times.

Exhale, take another deep inhalation, suspend the breath and vibrate 8 times.

Continue with 10x, 12x, 17x, 22x, 24x, 26x, and then begin long, deep and slow breathing.

Totally concentrate the power of the praanic flow along the spine into the pineal gland.

Continue with steady concentration for 11 minutes.


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4. Breath of Fire

Sit with the spine straight, and flex the lower back forward.

Hands are on the knees.

Begin Breath of Fire and continue for 3 minutes.


5. Meditate on Hum

In the same posture, immediately meditate on the continuous repetition of the sound Hum (rhymes with mum) at a rate slightly faster than one per second. Create the sound from under the Navel Point.

Continue for 3 minutes.


6. Meditate on Ong

Focus at the Crown Chakra (the Seventh Center of Consciousness) at the top of the skull.

Inhale deeply, then chant one long Ong at the back of the mouth where the nose joins the throat. Let yourself go into the infinite sound current as if all atoms in the cosmos were vibrating this sound.

Continue for 1 repetition of Ong.


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