Reflections on the 33rd Pauri of Japji Sahib

Excerpt of July 24, 1991 KWTC Lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Students: SMALL.

YB: Cut down the SM, SM,

Students: ALL.

YB: Even in small, ALL is contained. Will you learn? Know everything. Know…

Students: Everything.

YB: And trust,

Students: God.

(Student’s laughter)

YB: Know everything and trust.

Students: The God.

YB: Who said nothing. Know everything, trust nothing but…

Students: God.

YB: That’s right. Hah?

Student: (—–)

YB: Hello, what, what somebody said?

Student: God is everything.

YB: Now let us put that song on, all things, that is Japji, isn’t it, right, is that.

Students: Yes.

YB: Yeah, yeah, put that on. Sing it from heart, let us see, it goes to your head or not.

(Tape ‘All things come from…’ is played)

(Tape stops)

YB: Well, you remember it?

Students: Yes sir.

YB: Which pauri is that of the Japji?

Students: (—-)

YB: Thirty?

Students: Third,

YB: Third. Now speak it.

Students: (—–)

YB: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.  When it was English, you all spoke the highest; now it is Gurmukhi.  It’s the words of Nanak, not mine not yours.  Speak it with absolute force of the prana, come on.

(Students speak the 33rd pauri)

Aakhann jor chupai neh jor.
Jor na mangann daynn na jor.
Jor na jeevann marann neh jor.
Jor na raaj maal man sor.
Jor na surtee gi-aan veechaar.
Jor na jugatee chhuttai sansaar.
Jis hath jor kar vaykhai so-ei.
Naanak utam neech na ko-ei. ]33]

Listen to multiple musical versions of the 33rd Pauri here

YB: Wow, that was great.

If you can just remember this, you don’t need to remember anything. You know, the people who can master this pauri, what they can get? If it is written, if it is written, by the own hand of Almighty God, in the destiny of a person, if it is written by the very own hand of the Almighty God, that, that person, shall have nothing in his life but pain, pain and pain, got it? understand?  Number of this pauri is thirty-three, three is half of eight, half of Infinity, half devil and half divine, put those two three opposite, it becomes eight, eight means Infinity, you understand that, it is thirty-third pauri, what did I say, if…

Student: (—–)

YB: Right? That person shall have all for the all, beyond time and space. This small pauri has the power to give you all, all the time, for all the reasons, there is no logic, reasonable explanations so far. But only one thing it does, it works.

Student: (—–)

YB: Mastering a Mantra or a pauri is very simple. When you hear it all the time, when you, when you play the Mantra you start hearing it and when its status is reached, when you hear that Mantra all the time. It’s not very difficult, one can if, if a human practice in about forty days you can have it all. You understand? You know when you are in difficulty, you call Jesus? What you do, how you express that?

Students: Jesus please.

YB: Anything goes wrong around you, you stick Jesus into it, is that right or wrong.

Students: Yes sir, right.

YB: Anything you do good, I did it, right. And if anything goes wrong, whether you do it or somebody else do it or you see it or you understand it, what you say? Put the guy first, right? You understand. Now that is a Sidh Mantra, that is a perfect of you. Same way, same way, when you want to conquer your physical and mental, because spirit is real, sprit is, soul is real.  Soul is part of God.  It needs not to be conquered, it is part of it, but there are two things which you have to conquer which is called body and mind, right. Then this Mantra you perfect, what is that? Ang, Sang, Wa, He, Guru, is five tattva mantra and you are made of the five tattvas, it has five sounds. Ang, Sang, Wa, He, Guru. When you want to know the unknown, when you…

Students: Want to know the unknown.

YB: This place is called Trikuti. It is also called Shivastan, it is also called Ajana, it is also called third eye.  The mantra for that is, Wa, Hay, Guru, why? Because you say Har for eleven hundred times and you will say, Wa, Hay Guru once is equal. So for poor householders who have to chant so much, they don’t have time, it’s convenient.

Put that tape of the Wahe Guru, vayanti, karanti, jagatpati. Listen to this, rishi Patanjali, thousands of year ago in the puran of the future, which is called Bhavish puran, said about Nanak and they question him, Nanak Thasmai, Nanak shall be and then they ask him what shall be the mantra, this is how he explains, he writes it.

(Tape is played)

Listen to this Wha Yantee version from Nirinjan Kaur here

(Tape stops)

YB: You understand this? Won’t you give a hand to Niranjan for singing it?


YB: …Play the tape, just listen, listen to Niranjan voice, you will hear this Sanskriti Shabad, the Sanskriti in Bhavish Puran lot of people will sing it, read it and all that but listen to the clarity of the sound and the pronunciation, go ahead.

(Tape sung by the Niranjan is played)

(Tape stops)

You heard it? You know what is this can do for you, all right. Sit in a Bajarasan, not now, not now, not now, not now, not now, not now, sit in a Bajarasan, put this tape on and every time when it say NamAshtang or now, put, touch your forehead with the ground and then stand straight, just that, by the end of the exercise, I don’t have to explain to you. You will find it yourself. What?

Student: (—–)

YB: No, no, no, no, when they say, come, come, come, come up here. Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit on your heels, good, straight, put straight, like a Yogi. All right, put the tape on from namasting, when the word namAshtang you hear, you touch forehead and come back to normal. Oh anywhere, just few lines we need.

(Tape is played)

(Tape stops)

You know Guru, your Guru did it, why can’t you not do it and don’t ask me what I can to do to you, I know what it can do. In my dire emergency when I, I can’t do anything and everything is gone wrong and physically and mentally things are heavy and my intuition tells me what is going on and my common sense tell me to avoid the conflict, you must understand intuition is a great thing, but it’s not commonsense, it’s not the sixth sense. Remember that.  By intuition you know exactly what it is.  By common sense and by sixth sense you know where survival is. And sometime they both can conflict and they can inflict really, really good. You know what is truth is and you know you can, I should not confront it and you also know there is no way out.  That’s the moment when for somebody who is in that trouble, I don’t use any prayer except this. Then I put this same tape on and I do exactly what this girl did and something happens right. Try it sometime and keep the results with you.


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