Ham Dhanvant Bhaagath Sach Naai – This Shabad Brings Wealth and Prosperity

Written by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, this shabad brings wealth and prosperity. Meditate on this Shabad or recite it 11 times a day to bring wealth and prosperity to your life.

Raag Gauree – Guru Arjan Dev Ji – Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – Ang 185

Gauree Gwaarayree, Fifth Mehla:

Ham dhanavant bhaagatt sach naa-i ||
Har gun gaaveh sahaj subhai ||1|| rahaao ||
I am prosperous and fortunate, for I have received the True Name.
I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, with natural, intuitive ease. ||1||Pause||

Pee-oo dhaadhe kaa khol ddittaa khajaanaa ||
Taa merai man bhiaa nidhaanaa ||1||
When I opened it up and gazed upon the treasures of my father and grandfather,
then my mind became very happy. ||1||

Ratan laal jaa kaa kachhoo na mol ||
bhare bha(n)ddaar akhoot atol ||2||
The storehouse is inexhaustible and immeasurable, overflowing with priceless jewels and rubies. ||2||
The Siblings of Destiny meet together, and eat and spend,

Khaaveh kharacheh ral mil bhaiee ||
Tot na aavai vadhadho jaiee ||3||
The Siblings of Destiny meet together, and eat and spend,
but these resources do not diminish; they continue to increase. ||3||

Kaho naanak jis masatak lekh likhai ||
So ayt khajaanai liaa ralai ||4||31||100||
Says Nanak, one who has such destiny written on his forehead,
becomes a partner in these treasures. ||4||31||100||

Listen to this Shabad

Watch Bhai Gurkirat Singh perform Hum Dhanvant Bhaagath Sach Naai at Siri Hari Mandir Sahib 

This post was drawn from the Psyche of the Golden Shield, compiled by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur with English translations by Sardarni Nirbhao Kaur Khalsa and transliterations by S.S. Sant Singh Khalsa, M.D.  This resource is available to purchase through Sat Nam (Europe) or Amazon.

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